Affordable Excellence - Five Benefits of Using Custom Two Piece Boxes Wholesale

Affordable Excellence - Five Benefits of Using Custom Two Piece Boxes Wholesale

Whether you are a well-established large-scale business or a small brand just starting out, in today’s competitive world, providing customers with an amazing unboxing experience through affordable customized packaging is no easy feat. This can be achieved by two piece boxes. 

Why Are These Boxes So Popular?

As the name suggests, these boxes come in two parts - a lid and a tray. They are both detachable yet can fit seamlessly together keeping the product safely in place. They are the most popular choice among business owners for being a cost-effective yet meticulous packaging solution. Why? Because, these packaging boxes are sturdy yet spacious and can be used to store any type of product. 

How Are Two Piece Boxes Made?

Custom two piece boxes can be manufactured in various ways using all sorts of different materials like Kraft paper, cardboard, or rigid high-quality cardboard box for luxurious and expensive products. 

Even though they are usually crafted from turned edge rigid materials, this two piece packaging gives off a lavish appearance to the product. That is why these packages are often used by a wide array of businesses such as cosmetics, fragrances, clothing, jewelry, watches, and so on.

Most make-up brands like to use rigid boxes that either contain foam inserts or velvet fabric lining inside as their products are mostly fragile in nature and such packaging offers a premium feel and added security that customers find very attractive. 

Advantages of Using Two Piece Boxes 

While there are several benefits of using these boxes as packaging, let’s look into five most important ones.

  • Versatile

2 piece boxes are quite versatile and can be crafted from a variety of materials such as cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft resulting in a stunning product packaging. That is not all, these boxes can be made with a wide range of thickness, anywhere from 12pt to 38pt cardboard or 38pt to 60pt if you want to use rigid material for a more luxurious feel. The best part is that all of these materials are quite affordable which is why most companies choose them to pack and sell their products.

  • Secure

These boxes are as secure as they are versatile with a simple yet sleek opening and closing feature that guarantees product security. The custom designed tray matching the shape of the product offers a snugly base that allows manufacturers and sellers to sit back and relax knowing even the fragile products will reach customers safely.

  • Easy To Print

Another advantage of using these boxes as packaging material is the ease of printing process. They are very easy to print with fewer folding edges and can be printed using any of the three printing methods i.e., digital, screen, or offset at affordable rates, especially if you choose a company such as Custom Boxes Only (CBO). While you can choose any type of printing method for your packaging boxes, the best and most commonly used one is the offset printing method. Moreover, you can custom print your boxes on any side, inside, outside, or both. 

  • Easy to Assemble

These packages are very easy to assemble and reduce the workforce required to assemble traditional packaging boxes. You can simply put together the parts of packing in very little time that results in a sleek, elegant and stylish product box that helps save labor costs for brands while improving brand perception. 

Not only is this package easy to put together, it also makes for a seamless unboxing experience for customers - something every customer desires in the modern day world. This makes them feel special and they often want to post the review on social media, therefore, bringing in more customers for the brand,

  • Affordable Luxury Gifting

Designing these packages as affordable luxury gifts may seem difficult, but it is entirely possible. Although the box itself has an elegant vibe, if you pair it with a custom printed gift wrapping sheet, it just gives the whole package a more lavish look and feel. 

Many brands often use such additional customized accessories to upscale the value of their product in combination of using these boxes. For instance, a clothing brand may wrap a shirt in a custom printed paper with a neatly wrapped sleeve piece or ribbon before placing it in the two piece box. Result? Not only will the product stay secure, but the customer will get a luxurious unboxing moment. Not to mention that adding a bit of a personal touch to the box or packing will make it seem more professionally designed.

Custom Two Piece Boxes Wholesale

The best way to save money on two piece boxes is by buying from a company that offers wholesale purchases with discounts. If you are looking for affordable custom two piece boxes wholesale, Custom Boxes Only is your stop. 

They can help you choose any material, shape, design, and color for the boxes you want at affordable prices with no minimum order. No matter what style, design, or color you choose, the printing process will be seamless. So why wait? Get in touch with them and create a marvelous masterpiece packaging for your brand today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though the brown custom kraft boxes are a sign of sustainability, you can also get them in any desired color. We offer custom printing services that can help you incorporate your brand color into the theme of these boxes. Meanwhile, we would not let you lose their sustainability impact as we use eco-friendly printing inks. The blend of sustainability and modern packaging trends combined would help you leverage the customer’s buying experience. These types of boxes would create an impact on the counter shelves to use them in any way for the product packaging.

We can provide you with unlimited design and shape options for custom kraft boxes. Flip-top boxes with a hinged lid are an iconic type of kraft packaging. However, you can also get them in a separable lid for an existing unboxing feature. Similarly, you can round kraft boxes as well for cosmetic items and several other retail goods. Getting them in diagonal and other custom shapes is also possible to use them for perfume and other luxury to ordinary commodities. The biggest advantage you can take is getting the custom kraft display boxes to launch your products in the market.

The reusability of the custom kraft boxes is higher than other packaging types due to their ability to last longer. People can use them later on at their homes for different purposes, like using them to share specially selected gifts for their loved ones. We can provide you with the ribbons and bows on these boxes when you are first using them to display your goods in the retail stores. Your regular customers would have an idea of getting this perk alongside and can reuse the same box and ribbon to pack a gift and share with anyone. Encouraging the reusability of the kraft packaging boxes would also promote your brand as a more professional entity.

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