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Custom Boxes Only (CBO) offers exciting candy pillow box packaging. These useful and pretty boxes do more than just hold things inside, they also send out strong messages about the brand. Good for different types of companies, they give eye-getting displays and flexibility to use any brand. They also protect candies well. Pick green choices, use marketing chances and look into big-scale deals to have success over the long run. Improve your business with special made Candy Pillow Boxes and feel the sweet success that comes along.

Custom Candy Pillow Boxes

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Unlock the potential of your products with our unrivaled packaging solutions tailored to your industry and specific product needs.

Sample Price: $1.75 (Per Box)

dimension Dimensions All custom sizes & shapes
quantity Min.quantity 50 Boxes ( Hardproof Sample Option Available )
process Default process Die cutting, gluing, scoring, perforation
printing Printing Cmyk, pms, no printing
option Options Custom window cut out, gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink, pvc sheet.
turn Turn around time 10-12 business days , rush
paper Paper stock 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) eco-friendly Kraft, e-flute corrugated, bux board, cardstock
prof Proof Flat view, 3d mock-up, physical sampling (on Request)

In the world of candies and sweet snacks, how they look is very important to attract buyers. Go into the Candy Pillow Box - a flexible way to package goods. It makes candies look nice while also giving companies many advantages.

What Are Candy Pillow Boxes?
Candy Pillow Boxes are smart ways to package things like sweets. They look like pillows, making them pretty and fun to give as a gift for candies or snacks. These boxes are made carefully to give a comfy and safe place for candies, making them great for wrapping and giving as presents.

Candy Pillo Boxes - Benefits for Businesses:
1. Eye-Catching Presentation:
The special pillow-like shape of these boxes quickly catches your eye, making your candy things stand out on store shelves or in gift shows. A pretty show can greatly increase quick buys.

2. Versatility in Branding:
Candy Pillow Boxes have plenty of room for branding and changes. Businesses can put their logos, slogans and colorful drawings on things. This makes them special and helps people remember the brand better. It also grows love for the brand too.

3. Protection and Preservation:
These candy boxes are not just for looks, they also help protect candies from outside stuff. The strong build checks that the sweets stay good, keeping their quality all through storage and travel.

4. Eco-Friendly Options:
Many Candy Pillow Boxes are made from nature-friendly stuff, attracting people who care about the environment. This sustainability factor can help make a brand look good and get more people to buy its products.

There’s More to it about Candy Pillow Boxes than what Meets the Eye!

Elevating Brand Recognition:
Candy Pillow Boxes do more than just wrap things up; they act as strong brand messengers. The special and unforgettable show made by these containers assists in setting up a unique brand identity. A box that looks good not only draws people in but also stays in their minds. This can help talk about the business and keep customers coming back.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
The fun and silly look of Candy Pillow Boxes makes the buyer's experience more joyful. When you open a nicely made box and find tasty sweets inside, it makes the whole shopping experience even better. This good experience can make customers stay loyal and give positive reviews. This helps create a strong bond between the brand and its buyers.

Marketing Opportunities:
Candy Pillow Boxes give a space to make fun and smart marketing plans. Using seasonal ideas, big events or special editions on the packaging can make customers feel rushed and excited. This not only helps sell more during certain times but also keeps customers excitedly waiting for new products.

Versatile Applications:
Candy Pillow Boxes are good for more than just sweets businesses. Businesses in areas like makeup, jewelry or small gifts can use the special look of these boxes to make their goods look even better. This changeability makes Candy Pillow Boxes a good wrapping choice for many types of businesses.

Sustainability as a Selling Point:
As more businesses pay attention to being friendly to the environment, they can use Candy Pillow Boxes made from things that can be recycled or break down easily in nature. Talking about caring for the Earth through wrapping doesn't only get green-minded people interested in your brand, but it also lines up what you stand for with things that more and more matter nowadays.

Wholesale Partnerships for Long-Term Success:
Working with a good wholesale dealer like Custom Boxes Only (CBO) guarantees a regular and strong supply of great quality Candy Pillow Boxes. This way of thinking in the future helps clean up how we buy packaging. It also makes it easier to work together, offering more choices and solutions that fit your business as it grows.

In the end, Candy Boxes are more than just holders. They are a powerful tool for businesses to make their brand better, grab people's attention and increase sales. When businesses see the many good things about these special ways of packing, they can be ready for long-term success in a tough market.

Ordering at Wholesale Rates:
For businesses wanting to get the most out of it, ordering Candy Pillow Boxes at lower prices is a smart decision. Here's why:

1. Cost Efficiency:
Wholesale costs often have big savings for each item. This lets businesses use resources better and make more money.

2. Bulk Customization:
Big orders let businesses change their Candy Pillow Boxes a lot. Special designs and custom branding can be made for wholesale orders. This gives you the chance to make packaging that fits your business exactly.

Partner with CBO Today and get the best Candy Pillow Boxes!
Make your brand the best by using top professionals! Pick Custom Boxes Only (CBO) as your main agency for making boxes in the USA. With our promise to make things well, have new ideas and create unique packages, we change packing into a fun event. Get in touch with us now to release the full power of your brand by using specially made Candy Pillow Boxes. Your success is our priority!


Food & Beverage Packaging

A water based coating that creates a semi gloss surface.

Food Safe Coating

A coating applied on the inner side of the box to make it food-safe.

Gloss Lamination

A thin layer of lamination that makes the box surface glossy.

Food & Beverage Packaging

A water based coating that creates a semi gloss surface.

Metallic Coating

A metallic layer of coating applied to give an extra shine to your box.

Pearlescent Coating

A decorative coating to give surface an extra shine.

Soft Touch Coating

A coating that produces smooth surface. Its considered a cheaper alternative to lamination.

UV Coating

UV-cured coating that can be done for spot and flood applications.

Matte Lamination

A thin lamination that gives the box a matte surface.

Embossing and Debossing

A process that creates a raised or recessed pattern on the surface.

Metallic Foil Stamping

Hot foil transferred onto paper using stamping method.

Spot UV

UV gloss coating cured on specific areas.

Window Cut-Out

A process where a cut-out is created on the box.

PET Window Patching

A method to apply a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.

Unlock the potential of your products with our unrivaled packaging solutions tailored to your industry and specific product needs.

Sample Price: $1.75 (Per Box)


Frequently Asked Questions

CBO (Custom Boxes Only) provides options for small orders to meet the different needs of businesses. We offer 100 boxes minimum. Please talk to our sales team about what you need. We'll give you custom answers that match your likes.

Certainly! Customization is our forte. Custom Boxes Only lets businesses ask for special designs, branding parts and colors for Candy Pillow Boxes in big numbers bought all at once. Our team will help you make your idea real by working together.