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Unlock the marketing potential of custom pizza boxes! Elevate your pizzeria's brand with visually appealing packaging that engages customers, promotes sustainability, and boosts loyalty. Stand out in the market and make a lasting impression with every delivery. Invest in custom pizza boxes for a slice of success!


Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

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Unlock the potential of your products with our unrivaled packaging solutions tailored to your industry and specific product needs.

Sample Price: $1.75 (Per Box)

dimension Dimensions All custom sizes & shapes
quantity Min.quantity 50 Boxes ( Hardproof Sample Option Available )
process Default process Die cutting, gluing, scoring, perforation
printing Printing Cmyk, pms, no printing
option Options Custom window cut out, gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink, pvc sheet.
turn Turn around time 10-12 business days , rush
paper Paper stock 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) eco-friendly Kraft, e-flute corrugated, bux board, cardstock
prof Proof Flat view, 3d mock-up, physical sampling (on Request)

Introducing Premium Quality Pizza boxes at Custom Boxes Only

Do you own a Pizza business? If that's true, these boxes are very helpful for marketing. They let you share important information about your brand while making the whole buying experience better for customers.

Here are key elements that should be included on custom pizza boxes:

1. Logo:

- Your brand's logo is like its face. Be sure it's clearly visible on the box to assist people in recognizing your brand better. A nice logo that is made well can stay in people's minds for a long time.

2. Brand Name:

- Write your company name clearly on the box. Choose a font and size that is simple to read. Using the same name for the pizza place helps people remember it.

3. Tagline or Slogan:

- If you have a good saying or memorable words, think about putting them on the box. A catchy quote can help your brand be remembered and make people feel good.

4. Contact Information:

- Add key contact details like your phone number, website and physical location. This info is essential for folks who might wish to place future orders or learn more about your business.

5. Social Media Handles:

- In the age of social media, using your names on platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter makes people more likely to connect with your business online. It also lets people make their own content and put ads on the internet.

6. Special Promotions or Loyalty Programs:

- Use the box to display recent discounts, price reductions or incentive schemes. This can make people want to return and feel special.

7. Ingredients and Allergen Information:

- To clearly show what's inside your pizzas and keep customers safe, make a list of all the things that go in them. If it's important, put details about allergens to help people who can't eat certain foods.

8. QR Codes:

- Consider using QR codes that people can scan with their phones. These codes can link to your website, food list on the internet or special deals. It's an easy way to link between face-to-face and online experiences.

9. Imagery and Visual Appeal:

- Use good pictures of your famous pizzas or other food items from the menu. Pictures can make people hungry and make your packaging look good.

10. Sustainability Messaging:

- If your pizza boxes are made from environmentally friendly materials, proudly tell people that you care about the Earth. Use a short sign or picture to show your actions that help the environment.

11. Care Instructions or Fun Facts:

- Put in a short part that tells how to keep the pizza fresh while moving it. Or, you can add interesting things about your pizzeria to make it special and fun.

The Power of First Impressions:


Picture getting a piece of pizza in a simple, ordinary box. Now, think of that same piece coming in a carefully made custom box which shows your brand's essence. The difference is palpable. The first look is important for keeping your customer's interest, and special pizza slice boxes show off what makes your brand great. They give the feeling of quality right away when they see it for the first time.

Brand Recognition and Recall:

In a busy market, being different is important. Pizza box for slices give a space to show your business's look. Adding your logo, colors and special design parts helps to keep your brand fixed in the memories of customers. Each box becomes a small advertisement, quietly telling about your business with every delivery.

Engaging the Senses:

Besides looking good, special pizza slice boxes connect with our senses. Try adding some textures, using raised designs or even a nice smell that goes well with the scent of your pizza. These feelings make your customers remember something special, building a bond with your company that is more than just how the pizza tastes.

Social Media Buzz:

In the time of Instagram and Facebook, how your package looks can turn into free marketing. People enjoy showing nice and different experiences on social media. Your special pizza boxes can be shared online, making more people see your brand. Happy customers will show off their tasty slices in the cool packaging you made.

Environmental Responsibility:

Custom boxes for pizza slices also give a chance to show you care about the environment. Use eco-friendly things and show others that you care about helping the environment. This not only sounds good to customers who care about the environment but also makes your brand appear more responsible.

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business:

Putting money into personalized pizza slice boxes is a way to gain trust from customers. A good and fun experience, from looking at it to feeling it, makes people want to come back. When people connect your brand with a great all-round experience, they will likely pick your pizza place over other choices.

Keep in mind that while adding these things, it's important to have a neat and good-looking design. Packaging that is messy or hard to understand might make the effect less strong. Getting the right mix of useful and pretty will help make your brand look good.

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Food & Beverage Packaging

A water based coating that creates a semi gloss surface.

Food Safe Coating

A coating applied on the inner side of the box to make it food-safe.

Gloss Lamination

A thin layer of lamination that makes the box surface glossy.

Food & Beverage Packaging

A water based coating that creates a semi gloss surface.

Metallic Coating

A metallic layer of coating applied to give an extra shine to your box.

Pearlescent Coating

A decorative coating to give surface an extra shine.

Soft Touch Coating

A coating that produces smooth surface. Its considered a cheaper alternative to lamination.

UV Coating

UV-cured coating that can be done for spot and flood applications.

Matte Lamination

A thin lamination that gives the box a matte surface.

Embossing and Debossing

A process that creates a raised or recessed pattern on the surface.

Metallic Foil Stamping

Hot foil transferred onto paper using stamping method.

Spot UV

UV gloss coating cured on specific areas.

Window Cut-Out

A process where a cut-out is created on the box.

PET Window Patching

A method to apply a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.

Unlock the potential of your products with our unrivaled packaging solutions tailored to your industry and specific product needs.

Sample Price: $1.75 (Per Box)


Frequently Asked Questions

Custom pizza boxes are a powerful marketing tool that enhances your brand's visibility. They create a memorable first impression, promote brand recognition, and serve as a unique ambassador for your business. Additionally, they offer opportunities for social media promotion and customer engagement.

Custom pizza boxes provide a canvas for your brand's identity, featuring your logo, brand name, and unique design elements. These boxes act as mini-billboards, helping your brand stand out in a crowded market. Consistency in branding ensures that customers remember and recognize your pizzeria.

Transparency is key. Include a list of ingredients used in your pizzas and highlight allergen information to assist customers with dietary restrictions. This builds trust and ensures that customers can make informed choices about their food.