How Many Packs of Cigarettes Are in A Carton?

How Many Packs of Cigarettes Are in A Carton?

Most people don’t really know how many packs of cigarettes are in a carton. Well, maybe except smokers who like buying cigarette boxes in bulk to save money or the retailers who need to buy lots of cartons for stock purposes. Did you know that the number of cigarettes in a pack varies from one country to another? That’s interesting, isn’t it? It varies because the size of cigarettes are also different in each place. While a carton of cigarettes in the US contains 10 packs, that isn’t all there is to know about a cigarette box. Let’s dive a bit deeper and look into what goes into cigarette packaging, what are the benefits of buying cartons instead of packs at a time or what is the standard size of cigarettes in the US.

What’s the Standard Cigarette Size In the US?

It all comes down to the brand and the country, they get to decide how many cigarettes they will add in a pack. For instance, 26 cigarettes are sold as a pack in Australia. On the contrary many countries sell 20 in a pack. However, in the US, each pack of cigarettes contains 20. One thing all countries have in common is that each carton of cigarettes has 10 packs despite the brand difference.

Cigarettes are placed into four categories as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, which are as follows;

  • Regular unfiltered cigarettes (68 mm to 70 mm long)
  • King-size filtered ones (79 mm to 88 mm long)
  • Filtered long ones (94 mm to 101 mm long)
  • Extra-long cigarettes (110 mm to 121 mm long)

If we talk about the diameter of cigarettes, the usual standard is somewhere between 7.5 mm to 8.0 mm with variations that fall between 5 mm to 6 mm as well. That is why cigarette packs sold by most brands vary in quantity and size. But, the good news is that the number of packs in a carton remains the same.

Types of Cigarette Packs

  • Hard Packs

While there are some variations in types of packs made for cigarettes, the most sturdy ones are cardboard cigarette boxes. They are also known as hard packs and will be just fines even if you drop them off a building. 

  • Soft Packs

Another type is called a soft pack which is made for convenience. Unlike hard packs, you don’t need to open them every time you need a cigarette. The downside is that you can’t expect the soft pack to remain unscathed after throwing it across a room.

While there is hardly any difference in the price of both packs, it may vary based on the brand that is selling as well as the tax regulations.  

Why Buy Cigarette Cartons?

While there are several benefits to buying cigarette cartons, let’s look at why people like buying a cigarette box wholesale.

  • Organized & Convenient

For retailers, buying cartons is a matter of organization and convenience. They are easy to maintain inventory and organize on and off shelves. It allows them to carry more blank cigarette packaging in a single go. On the contrary, customers who like to smoke can purchase a carton at a time for convenience so they don’t have to go to the store every few days.

  • Making An Informed Decision

Cigarette boxes, like packaging of any other product, have information of what they contain and warnings that must be included on each pack. It is important to remember that providing crucial information printed on cardboard cigarette packages helps people make well-informed decisions and encourages responsible smoking behavior.

  • Cost-efficient

Buying bulk or wholesale is the most attractive aspect for people as it saves them money. It lowers the cost per pack and benefits both retailers and customers equally.

How Can Custom Boxes Only Help?

Brands that sell cigarettes take a lot of things into consideration just like any other product. The cost of materials, the design of packaging, the governmental laws and regulations, marketing strategies and so on.  
That is why it is best to get in touch with professional packaging companies such as Custom Boxes Only. We take care of everything you need. No matter the design or the number of boxes required, our client’s convenience is our top most priority. To give you an idea, here are a few of the most common boxes that are associated with cigarettes.

  • The Top Tuck Open Box - A sturdy cardboard box that opens at the top.
  • Sliding Tray Pack - one of customers’ favorite types. It slides open with a sleek and modern look to display premium cigarettes. Usually comes with 20 or more cigarettes in each pack.
  • Customized Decorative Pack - This packaging is typically done to attract more customers with limited edition items. These packs are designed for special campaigns or events and hold 10 or less cigarettes.

Why Wait?

At Custom Boxes Only, we have a no minimum order policy. So you can get any number of cigarette boxes from us that you like. If you don’t have a design ready with you, your team of experts are at your disposal. Get in touch with our team today!

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