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Rigid Boxes That Make An Impact

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Rigid boxes are also known as luxury boxes. This is because their material gives them a lavish and expensive appearance. However, this does not mean in any way whatsoever that these boxes are pricey to get or not manageable under a budget that has restrictions. Manufacturers make them from a sturdy rigid board that is known for its resilience and strength. These boxes do not usually have a complex die-cut design. Since the rigid board is quite tough to cut and bend, this is why these boxes focus more on attracting through their prints rather than styles. Foil stamps and neon inks look extremely fascinating on them. They can house all types of laminations and printing techniques effectively.

When a company decides to invest in rigid boxes, it offers a product that is expensive. Or it has a product that it wants to show as expensive. The reason is simple. These boxes exhibit class and lavishness through their combines this class with its expertise to produce unmatched quality of rigid packaging boxes. Our services include.

Customization of rigid boxes

Our latest die-cut machines enable us to come up with unique and organic styles of packaging designs. Even though the rigid cardboard is a pain to cut, we still manage to do so in any way you like. Our staff is carefully chosen, with only the best of the best on board with us. Our people know how to add charisma to even the simplest of packaging designs. We can shape your box in any way that your product fits comfortably in. Our materials are chosen after careful selection. As a consequence, our packaging products are never short of premium quality,

Inspiring printing:

The best part of getting printed rigid boxes for your products is the fact that they impress through less. Minimal designs give out the maximum impact on rigid materials. This is because the rigid board itself emits class and professionalism. It will only do harm if you clutter it with flashy and overwhelming printing designs. This is why most of the time, we see that the box of an expensive watch mostly just has a silver or gold logo on it. And do we ever feel that the box lacks something? Not at all. We capitalize on this fact and fabricate iconic minimal designs that are sure to be a hit amongst your audience. We offer the free services of our professional graphic experts. They will align your suggestions according to your box dimensions. Or they will whip a fresh design for you to select from.  

Sales and wholesale:

We offer amazing discounts throughout the year. We highly recommend that you bookmark our site so you can never miss out on an opportunity. We also offer amazingly low prices for our wholesale rigid boxes. Our in-house production units enable us to offer much lesser prices than the trends of the market. Also, we have manufacturing facilities all across the world. So wherever you live, you are never too far from us. This is how we are able to offer unbeatable prices all across the world. 

Shipping of rigid boxes:

We ship our custom magnetic closure boxes in a flat shape. This is to make sure that they do not lose their actual shape during transit. However, they are scored and perforated in all the right areas to make it a breeze to assemble them. You will not need to hire any extra help to assemble your boxes. All you need to do is take out the box and pull it into its actual shape. We ship free of cost within the United States of America. The rest of the world has to pay a little for shipping. Expedited shipping is not free anywhere. To know more about our freight system, please speak to our representative. 

Custom Boxes Only can make all your aspirations regarding quality rigid boxes come true. The services that we just got to know are only a few among many other beneficial offerings that we present to our valuable customers. Once you work with us, you will not feel the need to look out for any other packaging vendor ever again. We believe in maintaining a lifelong business relationship with our clients that is built on trust and transparency.