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We are operational experts at customizing the perfect unboxing experience.With 10+ years of experience in the packaging industry, we know that most businesses struggle with this. If this sounds like the story of your life, we're so sorry you haven't heard of us before? At CBO, we take care of your customized packaging end to end. From ordering and designing to manufacturing and delivery. And our representatives walk you through it all!


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What Sets Us Apart?

Our Printing & Packaging Process

CBO professionals and experts know about the structural designs staggeringly, so they do not have a risk of errors and mistakes. In addition, experts know how they assist you in designing precision packaging boxes with top-notch quality features and printing services. 

  • Offer Various Designs and Patterns 
  • Unique Die-cuts to Fabricate Memorable Designs 
  • Full customizations for Functional designs 
  • Buy 1-piece set-up, collapsible, and magnetic closure boxes 
  • One shop for all industries 
  • Countless structural styles for display packaging 
  • Unlimited size options for custom-made boxes 

Utilizing box space wisely for a prowess marketing tool 


Appealing and practical designs add benefits to the packaging boxes for brand recognition. Our artwork and high-end printing encourage the worth-ravishing view of the product. We heartedly welcome our customers to design one-to-one with our expert designers to fabricate incredible packaging for boosting businesses. 

  • Focus on Content Detailing and Arrangement to Deliver 
  • Wisely Use Every line and Space of the Box for Esthetic Designs
  • Enforce Innovative Design and Artwork 
  • Spark Sense of Eagerness in Audience Eyes 
  • Explore Creative Concepts to Grab the Spotlight 
  • Quality Colour Options for a Gleeful Glimpse of Product

Transferring your ideas on the canvas to create custom package templates with prototyping art. Our dedicated professionals and staff help you visualize the preview of the final aftermath before the bulk production of custom packages. 

  • Unlock Potentials to View the Preview of the Product Before Time
  • Consider Customers Elusive Ideas And Go For The Perfect Packaging Solution 
  • Allow real-time Sampling Support to Build A Box 
  • Feel Free To Start The Customization of the Packaging Box 
  • Arrange Content On The Box Cautiously 

Lastly, we endeavor for excellence while guaranteeing exactitudes in mass-volume production. Custom Boxes Only team quality assured in all phases for our valued customers. Expert designers and our team members check quality in detail in artwork confirmation, CTP plate making, packaging printing, finishing or coating, precision die-cutting, and pasting. Acquire your desired custom packaging boxes now with hassle-free procedures. 

  • Quality Assurance Department 
  • Fee-shipping Handling on Customers' Doorstep 
  • No Minimum Oder Range 
  • Various Unique Designs and Patterns 
  • Customization With Functionality 
  • Quirky Cuts and Shapes for Impressive Designs 
  • Gamut Collection of Structural Styles Auto Lock, Tray, Sleeves, Magnetic Closure, Double Walled Tuck Front, Seal-end Bottom with Open Top, Collapsible Rigid Boxes, and Two-Piece Setup Boxes. 
  • Countertop Display Box, Dispenser Display Box with Perforation, Five-Panel Hanger with Window Cuts.

Buy Custom Boxes for Enthralling Product Presentation and Distinctive Place 

Custom Boxes Only Offers you high-quality packaging material, impressive printing techniques, and custom-made sizes according to the product need. Find a packaging supplier who delivers quality with gamut benefits. Visit our site to avail yourself of the titillating benefits. 

Custom Boxes- Thriving Through Excellence 

CBO brings new doors for innovative and customized packaging boxes to securely pack fragile and sensitive products. We aim to satisfy clients by offering quality material, high-end graphics, advanced printing options, laminations, and coatings for the elegance of the product box. We ensure the quality of each meticulous aspect of product packaging to make decisions to engage customers' attention. Packaging boxes designed using high-end solutions are best for giving a distinctive place to the product in the industry. 

Custom Boxes Only is Your Stop Shop 

Searching for custom sizes, styles, and designs makes perfect personalized packaging boxes. CBO is here to provide all exclusively designed features and packaging options under one roof. We provide the exact size of the custom cases you order with all printed information.

 We offer free digital sampling 2D flat and 3D templates to fabricate seamless packaging boxes. Furthermore, customers may request physical sampling only on short terms and conditions. If clients want to maximize the thickness of material according to the product's needs, we are here to provide the exact quality. 

Offer No Minimum Range for Our Customers 

Want to buy bulk packaging boxes or a few pieces of boxes? We wholeheartedly welcome our customers without discrimination and provide packaging according to their needs. At CBO, we offer packaging services for small and large businesses with intense care and responsibility.

 So, order now to buy customized packaging boxes with no minimum range at market-leading prices. We also offer custom boxes wholesale with volume discounts for our customers who want bulk orders. Additionally, we offer free shipping handling at the customer's doorstep within 2 to 3 days through grounded delivery. Get in touch to buy excellent-quality product boxes today. 

Why Do You Choose Us?

 Let's transform simple packaging into stunning, elegant product presentations using our custom boxes. Our team of brilliant-minded experts craft custom-printed boxes meticulously to deliver top-notch packaging solutions to our valued customers. 

Furthermore, we provide durable custom packaging materials with additional finishing options to maximize product worth for your end-users, which helps you retain audience engagement. Buy custom boxes wholesale for bulk product packaging at market-leading prices and high-end packaging solutions. Get in touch to buy the desired custom product boxes wholesale or within the minimum order range today. 

Spark Excitement in Audience Eyes with Additional Printing Options 

Splendid packaging with additional printing options helps businesses grab a spotlight for the product when placed on retail shelves. Therefore, our printed boxes with functional styles are perfect to make the product endearing. We offer free design-support service for our customers with unlimited revisions on customers' packaging box orders. 

Digital, offset, and screen printing are the most popular in the industry and provide alluring quality product boxes. Furthermore, we use CMYK and PMS color models to give the packaging a pleasant and catchy look. Here are some additional coatings and finishing that customers may choose for the enthralling look of the product. 

  • Foil stamping 
  • Embossing 
  • Pearl lamination 
  • Soft touch lamination 
  • Matte lamination 
  • Aqueous coating 

Printed Custom Boxes- Powerful Brand Recognition 

Placing logos, brand names, and product details on the packaging boxes helps clients boost brand recognition in the industry. Custom Boxes Only team is here to help you complete your branded packaging dreams that give a distinctive look to the crowded retail shelves. Moreover, clients can pick options, such as foil stamping, embossing, or debossing, to highlight the content on the box and engage them. Get your customized packaging boxes with functional styles and high-end printing services today. 

Who Needs Custom Boxes and Why?

In recent times, when companies face tough competition to make a place in the pool of competitors, custom product boxes are the best key to success. Retailers need distinctive product presentations on overcrowded retail shelves, and e-commerce Companies need to ship physical products safely to customers' hands.

Hence, it seems clear whether a business presents its products on market shelves or sells them online ways. Therefore, we introduce unique styles and designs like tuck top auto bottom boxes and reverse tuck end boxes for custom packaging to wrap the product safely. These boxes pack jewelry, personal care products, and pantry staples like cookies and chocolate.

Our custom mailer boxes allow you to customize to offer a remarkable unboxing experience fully. Also, our cheap mailer boxes are affordable and bear the weight of your products awesomely, particularly in terms of shipping. Moreover, we have a wide range of industry-centered packaging like pizza boxes, contact lens boxes, and wine boxes to serve our customers.

If someone belongs to the wine business, our wine bottle carriers and gift boxes are impeccable packaging boxes to acquire customers' attention.

Product manufacturers need durable and reasonable custom shipping boxes to ship heavy and oversized items. So, if our customers have a tight budget and want sturdy packaging, try our cheap shipping boxes with custom options.

We have custom packaging boxes, trays, and sleeves, ideal for cosmetics, skincare apparel, and even food products. Do you want to save money? Our angled display tray and box styles never fail to fascinate customers.

Why Thousands of Satisfied Customers Place Their Trust in Custom Boxes Only?

Press play to discover why Custom Boxes Only is the preferred choice of numerous businesses seeking premium and cost-effective custom printed boxes, serving the requirements of both small startups and Fortune 500 brands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum order quantity is 100. This ensures that we can maintain quality and cost-effectiveness in our production process.

The production time for custom box orders typically ranges from 4-5 days. However, please note that this can vary based on order volume, complexity, and any additional finishing requirements. Delivery occurs within 10-12 days of order placement.

Yes, we understand the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer the option to request physical samples or digital proofs to review and approve before we proceed with full-scale production. Please contact our customer support team for more details.

Yes, we understand that sometimes you may have urgent deadlines. We offer rush order options to expedite the production and delivery process. Please contact our customer support team as soon as possible to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability. We offer a range of custom boxes made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, ensuring that our packaging solutions align with environmental values. You can find this in our Go Green section!

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to showcase their creativity. You can provide your own artwork and design, ensuring that it meets our design guidelines and templates.

To decrease pricing per unit, consider ordering larger quantities as the cost per box generally decreases with higher volume. Additionally, simplifying design elements and opting for fewer customization options can also help reduce costs.

Plates or die charges may apply for certain printing techniques or custom tooling required for your specific design. Our customer support team can provide detailed information on any applicable charges. However, the quotation provided contains no hidden charges!

We accept payments in US Dollars (USD) for our US-based customers. Please note that international orders may require currency conversion, and our team can provide you with further guidance regarding international payment options.

Yes, you can request a physical sampling, but you need to pay for it and contact our customer support representatives for further information.



CBO is the top choice for exceptional custom packaging due to our unmatched expertise, tailored solutions,
premium quality materials, competitive pricing, fast turnaround time, excellent customer support,
and sustainability focus.