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Custom Boxes Only creates precise masterpieces in jewelry packaging, using durable materials such as cardboard that align with the brand objectives. Our utilization of today's advanced printing technologies, for example, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping, serve to lift the aura of sophistication, while matte or glossy finishes enhance the entire aesthetic. We make the US shopping process enjoyable by ensuring free nationwide shipping and enabling easy and affordable transactions. We have no minimum order limit. This decision guarantees businesses of any size access to our top-tier, custom jewelry packages. CBO outnumbers other market players by offering wholesale rates so companies can be sure about the money they invest and get exceptional value. Free shipping and doorstep handling are available across the USA. Please get in touch with our CSR at any time with any further queries regarding your order. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Crafting Exquisite Jewelry Packaging: A Meticulous Process by CBO

Rigid Jewelry packaging at Custom Boxes Only is manufactured with high quality and creative aspects in mind. One aspect we prioritize is that the rigid boxes invite attention and help make the display of gemstone jewels more eye-catching. Our prominence on accuracy also follows us in choosing materials, so we choose cardboard for its durability and long-term use.

One key feature distinguishing CBO from others is its commitment to quality and novelty. It develops printed jewelry packaging that not only protects valuable items but also enhances the brand experience overall. 

A Detailed Description of Our Jewelry Package Manufacturing Process:

  1. Design and Customization:

 - The process usually starts with the client's specifications and design choices, which are later discussed with the client. As such, branding, logos, colors, and the feature(s) of the desired (brand) are also part of considerations.

  1. Material Selection:

Common materials for jewelry packaging at CBO include:

 - Cardboard or Paperboard: It is perfect for making jewelry boxes, which have the most essential features of rigidity and durability.

 - Eco-friendly Options (Kraft): Right fit for brands under high sustainability demand.

 - Velvet or Fabric Inserts: Increases wearability and prevents breakage of fragile pieces.

  1. Printing and Finishing:

Material selection is followed by different printing techniques, which help print designs on the chosen material. Details like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and matte/glossy finishes are likely to enhance the overall beauty.

  1. Die-Cutting and Assembly:

The paper is printed and then cut into the right shape. Then, it is folded and put together into the last stage of custom packaging. Precision is the main thing that keeps the boxes on the same scale and safely holds the jewel.

  1. Quality Control:

 - Each item of the artwork goes through quality control inspection to mandate the exactitude in dimensions, printing processes, and overall structure.

  1. Custom Inserts and Compartments:

 In some cases, Particular rigid jewelry packaging is used with added features such as custom inserts or compartments designed for a particular set of items. This is achieved by the fact that the fitting is secure overall, which improves the final outlook.

  1. Packaging and Shipping:

 - The jewelry packaging is ready to ship after the quality controls are finished. Attention is paid to avoid damaging (the product) in transportation.

Pros of Bulk Jewelry packaging for the Businesses:

A mass packaging order for jewelry done to order is an essential tool for businesses that aspire to be superior in marketing and sales promotion. It provides a platform for creative expression, maintains brand identity, reinforces customer experience, and is one of the most essential marketing tools that gives a brand prolonged post-purchase life. Creating tailored packaging is the actual packaging and its ability to bring the business to the next level.

Customer Endorsements

We put 100% effort into the minor details, and our superb jewelry packaging materials have drastically increased our customer satisfaction. By acknowledging eco-friendly and durable products, we have created a positive brand view and a product that makes your brand unique.


Budget-Friendly Wholesale Packages

We set up a price code that made our packaging solutions affordable to all levels of businesses, from small companies to large corporations. Your customized jewelry packaging can be available at an unbeatable wholesale price throughout the USA.

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