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At CBO, our Luxury Rigid boxes offer a packaging option for various products, such as smartphones, notepads, jewelry, and more. They feature a display and durable construction, making them popular choices. We provide a range of custom designs and manufacturing options for your boxes. These boxes serve as a packaging solution to showcase and market your end luxurious items. What sets them apart is the quality of materials used in their manufacturing process and the top-notch printing techniques applied, such as screen printing and digital printing, as well as finishing touches like foil stamping, lamination, embossing, and debossing. Our boxes are reliable, easy to transport, and add a touch of elegance. Their features make rigid luxury boxes the preferred packaging choice for businesses globally. Order today from CBO, and get the highest quality frozen luxury packages for your brand delivered to your doorstep free of cost within 6-8 business days. We have no minimum order quantity, so you don't need to worry about the size of your business. 

Luxury Custom Boxes

Custom luxury rigid boxes are thicker and more durable than standard packaging. Constructed with wrapping paper on chipboard panels, these luxurious containers are aptly named for their structure.

Our exclusive Boxes Packaging provides a range of custom packaging styles such as:

  • Two Piece Rigid Box
  • Luxury Rigid Boxes
  • Rigid Gift Boxes
  • Small Rigid boxes

Materials Used in Manufacturing Rigid Boxes:

As the name suggests, rigid luxury boxes are crafted from heavy chipboards, allowing these custom-packaging containers to support heavier weights compared to standard cardboard boxes. We offer tailored packaging solutions, so feel free to contact us for advice tailored to your product's dimensions and weight requirements. Our team can design custom boxes based on your specific needs. The initial weight-bearing capacity can be personalized as needed.

Premium Custom Rigid Boxes Manufacturers in the USA

One significant advantage of Luxury boxes is their level of customization. You can incorporate everything from logos and brand names to shapes that reflect your brand identity. These Luxury rigid boxes are adaptable to printing applications. 

Below are some features and advantages of Luxury boxes:

  • Color printing options: Embossing, foil stamping, Spot UV, and debossing.
  • Magnetic closure designs for rigid boxes
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and styles
  • Customizable premium finishes
  • Enhanced with embellishments, like ribbons and more.

They provide a solution for showcasing high-quality products and creating a look for a package. Companies can utilize our Luxury boxes to exhibit and package jewelry, perfumes, watches, apparel, chocolates, gifts, and other luxurious items.

Buy Rigid Luxury Packaging in Bulk

CBO has built a reputation as one of the reputable budget packaging providers with years of industry experience. With no minimum order quantity, we offer the most affordable rates across the USA for your bulk orders. No matter the size of your business, we have no minimum order quantity, so you can place an order for as many boxes as you want. 

High Quality Printed Rigid Boxes for Business Growth

High-quality packaging is essential for earning customers' trust and building your business. Implementing eco-friendly custom corrugated boxes into businesses may instigate a change in the retail market and influence the customers' vision of retailers. 

By providing packaging solutions based on Kraft or cardboard materials, we will boost your market position and get you a higher ROI. Dive in the elegance of our Luxurious Rigid Boxes, which represent an array of attributes that define premium packaging. Our flawless attention to detail in construction ensures the maximum capacity so that your enclosed items are safely handled and transported. 

The selection of premium materials, such as the highest quality paperboard and specialty papers, mirrors our quality promise. Clients delight in various alternatives, customizing them with size, shape, color, and finish to result in a bespoke packaging work of art. Our pursuit of perfect artistry brings luxury using methods like embossed, debossed, foil stamped, and premium printed. With our flexible luxury packaging, you can elevate the look of your product, be it jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, and appliances, among others, and by doing so, build the brand image through a manifestation of quality and exclusivity. 

Personalize your High-End, Sturdy Boxes with Top Quality Printing

We take pride in offering a range of printing options to ensure top-notch quality. We recognize the significance of making your brand shine, and our selection of printing services is tailored to meet that demand. Below are the various printing choices available for premium rigid luxury boxes:

  1. Offset Printing:

- The small aesthetics in the form of stylized and colorful images with the proper color reproduction of the intricate designs.

  1. Digital Printing:

The most appropriate choice for small projects and fast action.

  1. Embossing and Debossing:

- Attract attention with exposed design elements (embossing) and name-raised inference (debossing).

  1. Foil Stamping:

- Brings in a sense of costliness by adding the golden or silver foil for selected areas.

  1. Spot UV:

- Industrializes texture differential to give direction wherein elevated glue-on elements will accentuate the most exciting design details.

  1. Gloss Finishes:

- A matte or gloss finish will add something to select the appropriate one for your look.

  1. Custom Die Cutting:

- Custom-fit for the characters of closings, edges, and shapes, giving diverse avenues for packaging design.

  1. Brand Consistency:

- Keep consistency with PMS standards to show all materials uniformly and correctly.

Thanks to various printing and finishing techniques, luxury packaging manufacturers have a wide variety of ways to make your packaging designs look great and retain high quality.

Our rigid luxury packaging is a premium solution that ensures product protection and enhances perceived value through high-quality materials, customization options, and meticulous attention to the design and finishing touches.

Choose our premium packaging and make the unboxing act a strong reinforcement of your brand's excellence.

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We ensure our clients have a competitive advantage through our worldwide clientele and durable, alluring packaging products endorsed by satisfied customers. Find affordable wholesale solutions for rigid luxury boxes suitable for businesses of all sizes. We make the ordering process fast and efficient while working with our team to ensure the fit is perfect for your brand. Expect instant delivery with us since we deliver within 6 – 8 business days and offer free doorstep handling in the USA. Please place your order now through our website via our 24/7 customer service that effectively provides design consultation and answers to all your concerns.