What Is The Difference Between An RSC Box Vs Die Cut Cardboard Box?

What Is The Difference Between An RSC Box Vs Die Cut Cardboard Box?

In today’s competitive world of business, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed when there are so many packaging choices to pick from. While there are plenty of available options, the best among them are two types; the RSC box and the Die Cut box. But which one is the best option for your brand? 

Although both are affordable and sturdy choices, learning the difference between these boxes would be a good place to start if you want to make a well-informed decision. So let’s begin by learning about what is an RSC box.

What Are RSC Boxes?

RSC stands for the regular slotted container boxes and they are the most common types of packaging containers that exist. These boxes usually come with flaps and have wavy patterns for improved strength that allows them to keep the products safely in place. This packaging option is known to be the best for stacking and storage. It is cost-effective and very versatile. 

Pros of Using RSC Boxes

Brands that deal with high shipping volumes mostly use RSC packaging for the following reasons:

  • Very easy to fold and assemble
  • Have four slats that come together for proper closure
  • Can be used to ship a variety of different products
  • Easy to make in different shapes and sizes

SInce they are easy to assemble, they also break down quickly as compared to other shipping boxes. These packages are usually made from recycled materials and brands use it as an opportunity to tell their customers that they care about the environment as more customers now prefer eco-friendly materials.

Cons of Using RSC Boxes 

These boxes need to be taped up well to be fully secure especially during shipping and handling which is definitely a drawback. Another thing to note is that when you pack a product in an RSC style box, it will always have some gaps between the product and the sides of the box which most brands end up filling with recycled shredded papers or other forms of packing materials to ensure that the product stays securely in place.
Now that you are familiar with RSC boxes, let’s move on to Die Cut cardboard boxes and see what they are all about.

What Is A Die Cut Cardboard Box?


These boxes are tailored to suit the packaging needs of the products. As suggested by their name, they are packages made by using the die-cutting process which uses a cardboard die cutter to give the box a desired shape and size. 

Unlike RSC boxes, the walls of a die cut box are locked into place that gives it its shape. What’s more is that its lid can also be folded into place. This method offers greater flexibility in design and shape making it a very popular choice for brands who like to create boxes with unique designs. 

Advantages of Die Cut Boxes


Following are some of the most notable advantages die cut boxes have over RSC ones.

  • The biggest advantage is their immense structural integrity because they are built as a whole. 
  • Their incredible strength makes them durable and best for packing, storing, and shipping even bulkier items.
  • Double padding of its walls creates a built-in buffer which eliminates the need for extra padding.
  • Extremely versatile and suitable for shipping a variety of products from different genres and industries. 
  • Taken as a standard among shippers who ship fragile, heavy, or large items due its resilience and durability.
  • They are highly customizable making it easier for brands to add logos or text to the packaging. The best part is that its customization is cost-effective too.

Now that we have summed up the pros and cons of these boxes, let’s find out which would suit your business the most.

RSC Vs Die Cut - Which One Is Best?


Typically, brands choose their packaging materials based on their product needs. If you are a business with an aim to improve customer’s unboxing experience and enhance brand recognition, then die cut boxes would be your best bet. 

Brands have become increasingly aware that giving a personalized unboxing experience to customers has become the key to growing their business. That is why more and more businesses now use custom-designed die cut boxes to ship their products. Most brands now partner with packaging companies like Custom Boxes Only to help design unique and personalized shipping boxes and take their shipping game to the next level.

Why Use Custom Boxes Only For Your Shipping Needs?

Custom Boxes Only is your go to solution for all sorts of shipping boxes. Our team of experts take care of everything from design and production to customization and shipments. We do it all!

Design and create boxes of any shape, size, and thickness
Print boxes using digital, off-set, or screen printing with any color of your choice using CMYK palette
Laminate using matte, glossy, UV treated coatings
Provide add-ons like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, etc.
Finishing touches with logos, typography, and so on.

Whether you need cardboard shipping boxes, rigid collapsible boxes, magnetic closure boxes, or any other ones - we make them to your desired shape and liking. So, get in touch with our team today and send in a quotation request for your RSC box or die cut box. We are here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The high-definition offset printing and 3D embossing techniques are best to create the 3D effects of patterns and images over the custom donut boxes. Both of these techniques focus on bringing the depth, shine, and texture of the donut images more attractive and visible. The use of these custom techniques in the design of these boxes would attract customers in a matter of seconds. Using these types of boxes in corporate events can become a source of inspiring everyone. Meanwhile, you can make the logo of your businesses also visible through these techniques, which would benefit in putting a strong impression on the clients and other stakeholders.

The need for sustainability in donut bakery boxes is of higher importance nowadays to make an impression and stay high on moral grounds. However, getting it at the cost of lower packaging quality is not a fair choice. The use of biodegradable rigid cardboard is the option that establishes this balance and helps enjoy both of these perks. Moreover, you would not need any plastic sheet to cover the printed surface to prevent them from fading. The use of eco-friendly coatings would eliminate the need for such plastic sheets. On the other hand, the application of spot UV coatings also adds a touch of luxury to the elegance of these custom donut boxes to use in bakeries.

Custom donut boxes provide a blank canvas for innovative design components. To make the box visually appealing, features like a high-resolution image of the donuts work best. Moreover, the use of appealing color schemes and intriguing text might be included to make these boxes visually more appealing. Additionally, embossed textures that replicate the frosting or sprinkles on the donuts can provide clients with a tactile and delectable experience. Highlighting the delicacy of the donuts on the packaging in this way can grab higher sales volumes for a bakery and pull more revenue.

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