How To Create A PR Package To Enhance Brand Recognition

How To Create A PR Package To Enhance Brand Recognition

Designing personalized PR packages is the most effective way to boost a brand’s visibility because it allows them to engage customers through influencers and social media outlets. 

If done right, a PR package invokes excitement among the target audience making them want to share the unboxing experience with others and promote your brand. Before we look into how you can create a unique PR package, let’s first understand what is a PR package, and what it is all about.

What Is A PR Package?

PR stands for Public Relations. So a PR package includes a carefully curated collection of products or items that brands send to their target audience. Usually, businesses send these packages to influencers, celebrities, media personnel, or other individuals so they can share their reviews about those products on social media and help promote the brand. 

The purpose of these boxes is to create buzz among target customers and get them excited for the products. A well-curated package will encourage the recipient to share their personalized unboxing experience with the audience and share how it made them feel special. That, in turn, will help the brand generate more sales and increase their brand’s recognition. 

How Do Custom PR Packages Help Boost Sales?

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing and advertising products as compared to the traditional methods. Studies suggest that about 76% of people in the US buy a product after they see it featured on an influencer’s social media page. In simpler words, brands who create a unique or eye-catching PR box have a higher chance of getting recognized by the target audience and therefore, significantly boost their sales. 

However, brands must consider a few key factors before creating and sending these packages such as;

  • Which celebrity, influencer, or PR people will they send these boxes to?
  • How far-reaching is the influence of these people? 
  • Do they relate to your brand’s image and voice?

How To Create The Perfect PR Package?

There are a number of other factors that must be taken into account if you want to refine your brand’s overall image and boost your sales. So how exactly can you create an attractive and perfect PR box? Let’s find out!

  • Define A Clear Goal 

Brands create and distribute their PR packages and for various reasons. For example, brands may do this to promote a new product line, create a buzz among customers, tell people about their rebranding and so on. It is best to define what you aim to achieve by making these boxes and then design them accordingly. 

  • Know Who You’re Making Them For 

Knowing the target audience is a factor that plays a pivotal role in designing any type of custom box because it completely changes the approach you take. For example, if you are a makeup brand designing boxes for influencers who are makeup enthusiasts, focusing on aesthetics of the box would be the best approach. 

  • Choose Box Styles According To Products

The next step is to think about what products would be the best for these packages and how they would help put your brand on the map. Don’t add too many products to the box, instead add items that are the pride and joy of your brand. The size and design of products will lay the foundation for your PR box. Here are a few most popular types of boxes that give PR boxes a luxurious look and feel. 

  1. Two Piece Boxes with a separate bottom and a lid 
  2. Sliding Tray Boxes
  3. Sleeve Boxes
  4. Window Boxes with special cut-outs and inserts
  5. Custom Designed Mailer Boxes 
  • Design High Quality Custom PR Boxes 

The first look and feel of your box is crucial as it can either impress your recipient enough that they’ll want to invest in your brand and buy your products the next time or they will get disappointed and might not look back. So, choose a packaging partner that never compromises on quality of materials like Custom Boxes Only and get custom-made PR boxes that will bring in more customers. 

Add matte or glossy lamination to make your boxes durable and pair it with embossed or debossed foil-stamping technique to help your brand stand out among competitors.

  • Add A Personalized Touch

Who doesn’t like to get free PR packages that are custom-made just for them? So, go a step further and include personalized elements like messages, notes, or product information with beautiful typography with the recipient's name added on the card. This will make them feel special and show that the brand has put in an effort to curate their package with care.

  • Plan Your Delivery Well

Partnering with a reliable packaging and shipping brand will ensure that your boxes reach their destination unscathed and on time. So plan ahead and time out your delivery radius as well as usual routes for the best and impressive impact. 

Why Choose Custom Boxes Only To Customize Your PR Packages?


That brings us to the most important question; how do you get PR packages that will help enhance brand recognition? Custom Boxes Only is a packaging solution like no other because we know that packaging plays a key role in impressing customers. 

From CMYK printing and lamination techniques to coatings and foil stamping techniques, we do everything for you. Our experts dedicate their efforts to transform simple boxes into the perfect PR packages for your brand ensuring that your brand gets the attention it deserves. So, get in touch with our team today and let’s get to work. 

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