Benefits You Can Get by Buying Custom Two-Piece Boxes

Benefits You Can Get by Buying Custom Two-Piece Boxes

There was a time when the packaging was considered only the shelter of the products, but in recent times, it has become a crucial feature for marketing. So, packaging has evolved as a marketing tool for product-selling brands. Moreover, the boxes are available in various shapes and styles. Two-piece boxes are also available with limitless customisation options, including sizes, shapes, and designs. In this era, brands need packaging that makes their products versatile and aesthetically beautiful. In this context, custom two-piece boxes are one of the best packaging solutions.

However, packaging is no longer merely a means of safeguarding a product; it has evolved into a powerful branding and marketing tool. So, custom two-piece boxes stand out among the packaging options available for their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. With their unique design and customisable features, these boxes offer many benefits beyond mere containment. Here are a few amazing benefits brands would gain from custom packaging.

There are a Few Amazing Benefits of Using Two-Piece Boxes

  • Unmatched display of the products
  • Available in numerous sizes and shapes
  • Help to brand your business in front of an audience
  • Fully protective packaging for sensitive products
  • Various selections for material
  • Fix as per your budget

All these benefits are available for brands that select the custom product packaging option. However, premade boxes are the opposite of custom packaging. Brands cannot choose the dimensions if they pick the premade or standard wrapping option for their product.

Unmatched Display of the Products

One of the biggest benefits of selecting two-piece packaging boxes with custom options is that they provide an unmatched display of the products. So, when the brands present their products on the retail shelves and the rivalling products, they always look out of the crowd. In addition, the aesthetic appeal of custom two-piece boxes cannot be overstated. Their sleek and customisable design elevates the presentation of products, making them more visually appealing on shelves or when presented to customers. This enhanced presentation can influence purchasing decisions and improve customer experience.

Available in Numerous Sizes and Shapes

One of the foremost needs of the brands is to pack their products in appropriately fitted boxes. Contrary to this, loose packaging can cause product damage and impact customers' unboxing experience. However, the small box also has a bad impact because of its inappropriate sizing dimension. However, custom two-piece boxes are available as per the needs of the brands, so their sizing is also appropriate for the product that will be packed inside.

Moreover, one of the primary advantages of opting for custom two-piece boxes is the ability to tailor the design and size to specific product dimensions. Unlike standard packaging options, these boxes can be crafted precisely to fit your product, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This tailored design provides protection and enhances the overall presentation, creating a polished and professional look.

Help to Brand Your Business in Front of an Audience

Another admirable advantage of custom two-piece boxes is that they provide a sufficient place to print brand data. This information would help brands market their products perfectly. So, customisation is key in brand recognition, and these boxes offer an excellent canvas for branding elements. Businesses can imprint their logos, taglines, and brand colours onto the boxes, turning them into mobile advertisements. Consistent branding across packaging establishes a strong brand identity and fosters brand recall among consumers.

Fully Protective Packaging for Sensitive Products

Another unneglectable benefit of using two-piece boxes is that they protect the inside product. However, additional options like the insertion of bubble wraps and corrugation sheets are also available for brands. Moreover, these things enhance the customers' unboxing experience and encourage more sales. So, it is recommended that brands choose two-piece packaging boxes.

In addition to enhanced protection features, these boxes are fabricated of robust material, which makes them more long-lasting and durable.

Various Selections for Material

Material selection and choice are some of the big options for the brands if they go for custom packaging. Vendors and packagers allow brands to create boxes using their own required materials. For instance, the two-piece boxes are available in rigid, cardboard, Kraft, corrugation, and other paper materials. So, the brands can freely select any required cardstock for custom two-piece boxes and give a distinct look to their products. Here are a few materials, along with their specialities.

Cardboard Material

With easily modified thickness, strength, and skin, cardboard is adaptable.

Ready for printing: Its slick surface is ideal for a colourful display and brand representation.

Dependable: Though not as sturdy as corrugated cardboard, it is suitable for lightweight and medium goods.

Enviro-Frie only: Crafted from reusable materials, it's recyclable—a green solution.

Kraft Material

It is an eco-friendly material made from wood pulp, and its natural colour is brown.

Eco-Look: Sporting a brown hue, Kraft paper gives an earthy, living feel.

Sturdy: Recognized for being hardy, it shields goods from harm.

Gre­en: Kraft paper can be recycled, similar to cardboard, increasing safer packaging.

Adaptable: Stamping, printing, or adding touches is a breeze—this helps in product branding.

Corrugated Cardboard

The high-strength material used to pack heavy-duty products is known as corrugated cardboard.

Strength: Multi-layered bumpy cardboard is super strong. It's fantastic for shipping weighty things.

Safe Transport: Its unique structure guards against harm, keeping breakable stuff safe while shipping.

Choices: There are various sizes and variants. Select based on the level of safety you want.

Recyclable: Bumpy cardboard, strong yet can be recycled. It can also be formed from recycled goods.

So, custom two-piece boxes are also available in the materials mentioned above. The buyer's final choice of material depends on the material.

Few Words in The End

All the benefits discussed in this article show how useful custom two-piece boxes wholesale are for their products. So, if you want to gain all these benefits, you are advised to go for custom packaging solutions.

Why Purchase from Custom Boxes Only ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The custom auto-bottom display box offers the opportunity to lower shipping and warehousing costs. These boxes are compactable and shipped flat in the transportation means. Therefore, you can order these boxes in bulk by having more in a single shipping. Similarly, brands can buy wholesale auto bottom boxes to keep the stock in backup. Buying wholesale would also lower the packaging costs as we would offer you exclusive discounts. On the other hand, these boxes are also lightweight and would cost you less transportation charges due to their lower weight.

The custom auto-bottom display box has a wider base to accommodate a huge quantity of products. It is best to use for small cosmetic items, chocolates, and other such small-size items. The side walls of the box are also a little smaller than other types of display boxes that expose the inside items at their maximum capacity. Higher visibility of the products becomes a source of appeal for consumers visiting the retail counters. Meanwhile, custom printing offers more margin to lure customers. Placing these custom retail display boxes on the cash counters in a large retail store or a normal-sized shopping mart could be ideal for grabbing higher sales with maximum customer interaction.

Why not! Incorporating interactive elements like a QR code is possible in the case of the custom auto bottom display box, and that too in a visible place. The display of a QR code would offer the benefit of connecting with customers and providing them with additional information that is not possible to print on the packaging. Similarly, the display of the AR elements is also possible to provide the buyers with an immersive experience and test the products in a virtual environment. They would be able to explore the product on their mobile screens from all sides in a 3D manner. Our design team is there to help you get such a modern design embedded with the use of technology.

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