Ultimate Guide to Product Display and Custom Cardboard Display Boxes

Ultimate Guide to Product Display and Custom Cardboard Display Boxes

Custom cardboard display boxes, also popular as point-of-purchase (POP) display boxes, are specially designed boxes that help brands showcase their products to customers. The purpose of these boxes is to attract customers' attention by highlighting the products placed inside. Let’s look at how brands use these boxes to make customers buy their products.  

Product Display Boxes Influence Customers’ Purchase Decisions

When designed right, these packages enhance product’s overall value and influence customers to make more purchases. Studies done in the US suggest that almost 70% to 76% of people make their purchase decisions at the point-of-sale and that custom cardboard display stands can help brands increase their sales by 30%. These results show that these boxes work! 

Popular Cardboard Display Boxes & Their Advantages

But which box would work for your brand? Let’s look at the most popular types of cardboard displays and how you can use them best.

  • Counter Top Display Boxes

Counter top display boxes are small and portable packages that house products in racks. Brands use them to showcase their products and are very commonly used in the retail sector. 
They are popular for their versatility, meaning many brands use them to display all sorts of products from cosmetics, jewelry pieces, watches, books, electronic gadgets, candies, and so much more. 
Since they are used to display various products, their sizes and styles are also customized to suit product’s needs. While a standard candy display box is 8 x 6 x 2” and a cosmetic display box is usually 8 x 8 x 8” in size, Custom Boxes Only can customize your box to any size and style as needed.

  • Floor Display Boxes

As suggested by their name, these boxes are placed on the floor of retail stores. They are much larger in size and sturdier too as they display heavier products like household goods, electronic items, apparel pieces and so on. These boxes are customized to display product information using graphics and typography so customers know what they are getting.

  • Cardboard Display Boxes With Dividers


This is another very popular style of product display boxes used to display products that have various types. They contain large separations to showcase different varieties of the same item making it easier for customers to choose the product they like best.

Now that you know about some of the most popular styles of display boxes, let’s talk about how your brand can give its customers the best shopping experience by creating custom cardboard display boxes

Three SImple Ways To Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience With Custom Cardboard Display Boxes


The best way to customize these packages is by using high-quality cardboard boxes. Why choose cardboard? That is because it is highly durable, sturdy, and versatile. Cardboard store displays are widely used by businesses across the world to display products in retail stores. 

Let’s get into what a brand needs to do to make the best custom cardboard display box for their brand.

  • Use The Right Printing Technique

The printing technique matters the most when it comes to creating eye-catchy display boxes. Here are two of the best printing techniques available in the market. 

  1. Digital Printing: This professional printing technique allows us to print directly on the surface of the cardboard box. This technique is ink-based and doesn’t need a plate. It is best for smaller to medium quantity print runs.
  2. Off-set Printing: The offset printing technique is quite the opposite of digital printing as it requires us to create metal printing plates. It is cheaper, more reliable, and best for larger print runs. It produces high-quality print results with better details as compared to digital prints. 
  • Go with The Color Palette That Highlights Your Products 

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) is the root of every color palette. The more colors a brand chooses the higher will be the cost of printing. If you want the products to be sold like hot cakes, then the best thing to do is to opt for classic monotone colors with right logo placement. 

  • Opt For Add-ons To Add A Touch of Luxury

If you want to give your retail display boxes a unique and luxurious look, try using all or some of the following add-ons.

  1. Embossing: Embossed technique is best to draw attention to a brand's logo as it gives the logo a raised appearance and enhances the look of packaging. 
  2. Debossing: If an embossed pattern isn’t your cup of tea, you can also go to the opposite end of the spectrum and opt for a debossed logo. The logo appears sunken and depth can be customized too.
  3. Foil-Stamping: Whether a brand chooses an embossed or debossed pattern, unless it is combined with foil stamping, the product will look bland. So, take your display packaging to another level by simply adding a shiny foil in classic golden, silver, or copper shades (or any other shade of your choice).

Custom Boxes Only - The Only Packaging Solution You Need!

Work with Custom Boxes Only and you will get the best ever custom display boxes regardless of the printing style, size, material, or add-ons selected. Our no minimum order limit makes it easier for customers to get any number of custom cardboard display boxes they need. Get in touch with our team and get the packages of your dreams.

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