Are you looking for tips to give a memorable unboxing experience by using magnetic closure boxes? Here, we will give some of the great ideas. 

The unboxing process involves a variety of tasks, such as opening the package to see what's inside and how it's laid out. Additionally, buyers may think about recording and posting the unboxing experience on social media. It can end up being your finest experience for raising your brand's recognition in the marketplace. If you run a brand, you should think about how you can increase the attraction of your magnetic closure boxes by offering several memorable unboxing methods. Different brands have devised different strategies for appealing to more consumers and providing the best possible brand experience through innovative unboxing methods. The following are some of the creative ideas.

Think about the inside of the magnetic closure boxes.

Until the box is opened, the items are hidden from the customer. By using your creative skills, you can improve its appeal. You can consider putting other products in the box together with the product. Tissue paper, confetti, rustic twine, branding stickers, and a number of other materials are all important options. They may enhance the customer experience. You can also utilize these boxes to represent the colors of your brand. Setting up the items in an Instagram-worthy way can also amaze your customers. To keep items safe, you should use air pouches or packing peanuts. Additionally, it will make your things look better when presented. 

Besides that, you can have other amazing options to offer the best customer experience. You can take advantage of inside printing. For example, you can surprise your customers when you print board games, patterns, or puzzles inside the boxes. They will feel good when they open the box. They can also use these boxes for several other purposes. Hence, you should think about the inside of the box to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Place handwritten notes inside.

You can showcase your brand's distinctive qualities to the public and use this method to get the client's respect. It is also possible to show your clients that you are a reliable company that strives assiduously to deliver a first-rate client experience. You can place handwritten notes inside the custom magnetic boxes to show the attributes of your brand. 

To give your handwritten note additional value, you can purchase personalized stationery. You can choose any color for stationery to suit your needs from the numerous types that are available on the market. Using striking fonts also makes your handwritten notes stand out. You can also select a font style that is close to your heart or simple for you to write. This strategy is the best way to strongly connect customers to your brand. Therefore, you should be creative enough to design stunning and impressive handwritten notes for your customers. 

Tell the story of the brand via custom postcards.

You may express your brand's story through postcards, which come in a range of designs. The history of your brand needs to be told to people. You can share a captivating narrative for your business on the postcard. You can also use your words to demonstrate the brand's value in the market. You may also add social media handles to these postcards as well. You may even print a hashtag on the postcard to invite your customers to join in the conversation. It enables people to take part in online discussions and contribute their opinions on the business. Customers may have a good experience because of this. They may also stick with your business for a very long time. You should also try to create amazing designs of postcards to surprise your customers. Common designs won’t look good. 

Go with smart tactics. 

The following are some smart tactics that you can employ to offer an amazing unboxing experience to your clients.

  • Use branded magnetic closure boxes.

You have the choice to customize an ordinary box to offer a memorable brand experience. You will need high-tech, branded magnetic closure boxes if you want to make a good first impression. Your brand should be represented consistently via your packaging. All the drama and anticipation you have laboriously built will be lost if your box cannot accurately reflect who it belongs to.

For a good unboxing experience, custom packaging should be alluring and distinctive. These boxes should have the best-printed content possible to attract the customer's attention. They should feature unique, imaginative drawings or artwork if you want to amaze your customers. You can also make it luxurious by taking advantage of different embellishments. These embellishments include additional coatings, silver or gold foiling, or embossing.

  • Offer freebies

You may also develop original and uncommon strategies to surprise and wow your customers. One of the best ways to provide a fantastic customer experience is to keep some complimentary samples inside the packaging. Giving it to your clients for free can be the most successful way to market your newly made product.

You can place your free samples in these boxes with the appropriate inserts. You may give away a lotion or lip balm sample if you're selling whitening cream. The box containing your other cosmetics can also contain tiny samples of lip gloss, mascara, or other items. Your customers may enjoy these free samples. A free sample or gift will make them ecstatic. Therefore, you must utilize this tactic to strengthen your unboxing appeal.

Impressive presentation of cosmetics

How you offer your items is a wonderful technique to win over your customers. You can arrange your products nicely inside the personalized boxes to impress your customers. Your custom magnetic boxes could have custom inserts and placeholders that match the products' shape and size. Use inserts with a specific shape to arrange your products within the boxes one by one. The box's interior can also include multiple segments that can hold a variety of objects. You can present your items in an appealing manner by using these inside features to your advantage. Hence, this makes it a crucial method of providing a memorable customer experience.


Gaining clients' appreciation can be accomplished in a number of ways. You should gain access to a more enjoyable unboxing experience. The top tips for enhancing the impact of your unboxing experience are provided here. These recommendations can be crucial for your magnetic closure boxes. They can also make the unboxing of your products memorable for your buyers. They will leave a lasting impression on your customers.