Design selection is the prerequisite for getting packaging for any product. Choosing one of the following designs for custom boxes and let buyers unbox a great experience.


Your box design is an important aspect of a successful product launch. Custom packaging may persuade shoppers to examine a previously unknown brand or product line. An appealing design has the potential to increase client loyalty and keep them for a longer period of time. There are several appealing packaging designs to achieve this purpose.

However, it is critical to select an option that will meet the needs of other products as well. Selecting packaging wisely can help you save money while also attracting clients in an efficient manner. Here are five eye-catching designs for personalized packaging that are sure to unbox a great experience for your customers. 

Magnetic Closure Custom Boxes 

This is the most essential design of today's 5 Unique and attractive Designs of wholesale custom packaging boxes. It is especially useful if you want to keep your sensitive belongings secure and sound while maintaining a nice appearance. Magnetic closures are sufficient to ensure that your customized cardboard box will not open due to mechanical shocks.

It is most commonly used for telephones, presents, and scented products. These necessitate an extra degree of security. This style, if developed creatively, has the potential to transform the entire appearance of your custom print boxes. Increasing the layer of protection by making the lid solid and compact. A string and hook closing mechanism is also an option.

It is both visually appealing and functional. These boxes feature less printing and usually only include the logo and brand name on the lid. As a result, printing custom boxes with logos can serve as a means of business branding. You may use these fantastic boxes to give any pricey goods a more luxurious and royal appearance. 

Luxurious Rigid Box Packaging

The use of a luxurious rigid box packaging design is sales-grabbing and makes a great first impression. A brand can order custom packaging under this design theme to excellently present your luxury items. These boxes are ideal to use for luxury and sensitive products. There are no restrictions on their design characteristics. Geometric cutout patterns can be used to decorate these boxes.

You can get these boxes in square, rectangular, and oval shapes from customized tin manufacturers. Another amazing advantage is that you can fit any item, no matter how large or small. They work well for both physical and online stores. Customizing these boxes could take the way your goods are packaged to a whole new level.

Because of this, a lot of companies customize a box to get the attention of their target market. When it comes to looks, you can't ignore how important rigid bulk boxes are. These boxes are important if you want to build a good image for your brand among customers and in your industry. All of this happens because of how nice these custom-to-go boxes feel and look.

Die Cut Window Style Boxes

Today's life cycle is fairly rapid, and nobody has time these days to open a box and carefully check the contents. As a result, people rely on the images and descriptions of your products printed on custom retail bags wholesale for that purpose. The majority of the boxes are typically covered on all sides with cardboard. As a result of these variables, the intended audience cannot see what is inside the box.

All of this is achievable with a die-cut window with a clear screen. It will also contribute to the rich aspect of your box if you build it for a strong box. You can add your brand color or bows to these windows to make them look nicer. Custom printed boxes takeaway coffee cups UK are also primarily popular due to the ease for brands to customize them with the brand theme color. Window-style boxes are a nice and important addition to the styles of packing.

It makes your goods stand out more on store shelves and at checkout counters. All of this openness is not a new idea, but you can say it in a unique way. But the way you show it could make custom printed cosmetic packaging or any other packaging type with a window stand out. When customers can get a quick look at your goods through a window, they can quickly decide whether or not to buy them.

Mailer Boxes With Cardboard Inserts

Customers' purchasing habits are rapidly shifting, and people nowadays prefer to purchase goods online. As a result, mailer boxes are an excellent choice for custom packaging wholesale option. Inserts are a terrific way to add an extra level of elegance and appeal. Inserts are housed in a one-of-a-kind box with a cover and a base. It significantly improves the overall impression by flawlessly complimenting your inserts and products within custom merchandise boxes.

You should also consider printing inserts to make the boxes more appealing and to aid with brand marketing. Two more things about these mailer boxes make them a great choice. First, the inside item is made safe and free of scratches, bumps, etc. Second, it will look great when you open the box and take it out of the custom corrugated boxes.

Embossing or debossing your company's name on them can also help people remember your brand. These fancy boxes help you set up your products in shops so that customers can see both the product and the brand. You can get mailer boxes from custom packaging manufacturers USA that perfectly meet the product needs.

Custom Packaging With Sliding Drawers

Because of their stunning unboxing, these boxes are among the most selling packaging designs of custom packaging boxes manufacturers. This packaging's appealing appearance, as well as various additional elements, help it stand out from the crowd.

These boxes surely outperform the competition and are far superior in terms of looks than alternative packaging options. Brands can also look for custom-made boxes near me for marketing and promotion. Drawer boxes can be used for a wide range of custom packaging needs.

These boxes both protect the items inside and make them look interesting. This packaging becomes ideal for printing with product pictures. It will boost your sales and bring in more customers. They are great for all kinds of products, whether they are cheap or expensive, and in different categories, like using them as a custom food box. 


Choosing one of the custom boxes suggested above would boost your chances of making more sales. All of these boxes are inexpensive and accessible to businesses of all sizes and types. The attractiveness of these boxes draws the attention of everyone who visits the retail businesses. Their aesthetics entice consumers to buy stuff inside them even if they were there to buy something else.