Types of Products Suited for Counter Display Boxes

Counter display boxes are those that are placed near the counter or cashier. This type of display box is a successful approach to increasing sales. A customer who is ready to buy will probably glance at the items on the shelf before choosing one because it is typically located adjacent to or on the counter. For little products like chocolates, candies, CDs, magazines, and more, this style of display box is ideal. In this article, we will learn about the products that we can display using counter boxes. We will also see different kinds of industries that are using these boxes.

Types of Products that are Suitable for Counter Display Boxes

The following are Various kinds of Products that are Suitable for Counter Packaging:

  • Chocolates and candies

We know that there are several kinds of chocolates. You can have several brands of chocolates. Thus, you can arrange chocolates in one or two boxes. It is also a good idea to keep chocolate boxes side by side. The counter display box packaging has several compartments to help you arrange different kinds of chocolates in a nice manner. You can place chocolates from different brands in different compartments in a box. Similarly, you can arrange candies of different flavors in different box segments. This is the best approach to help customers find their desired candies or chocolates with ease.

  • CDs

There are various kinds of CDs. These can be movies, games, dramas, or songs. When you have a store, you should arrange these CDs properly. A proper arrangement is essential to grasp the attention of potential customers. For instance, you can have separate counter display boxes for CDs of games, movies, and songs. Their relevant printing elements can help you attract target buyers. Their customized inserts will hold CDs more securely. They will also offer an impressive presentation to win the hearts of buyers. You can also use a box with multiple compartments to display different types of CDs.

  • Magazines

People love reading magazines. In different areas, there are different kinds of magazines. They can be local or international magazines. There are also different types of magazines according to the content published in them. You can also display them by using countertop boxes. These boxes will help you to arrange magazines in a nice manner. Their amazing placements can help you entice target buyers. You can also place some kinds of magazines to let your customers read them when they need to wait.

  • Cosmetics 

There are many varieties of cosmetic items. They can be lipsticks, mascaras, eyelashes, hair extensions, and many others. Is it a great idea to display them without any proper sequence? It is not a great tactic because it will not help you grab the attention of more customers. You need to use counter display boxes to correctly organize cosmetics. For instance, you can have separate boxes for lipsticks, mascaras, and lip balms. In each box, you can have separate compartments to arrange different varieties of lipsticks. This is the best way of letting people find their desired cosmetic product with ease.

  • Snacks 

There are several snacks, and you need to arrange them in a correct manner. The correct placements of snacks can help you attract more customers. You can either use a single box with several compartments or different boxes for different snacks. You can place these snacks near cash counters or entry points. This is an amazing trick to make people buy your snacks. These boxes are the best choice to arrange small packages of snacks. You can’t display family packs in these boxes because their weight is higher.

The following are some industries that can use countertop boxes to display their products:

  • Cosmetic Industry 

Lip balms are the most widely used everyday cosmetics. There are several lip balm brands available in stores. With so much competition, it is crucial for your company to have the best and most engaging display packaging. Given that almost the majority of your potential customers are women, your packaging must be feminine, flashy, and fashionable. Only the highest quality materials, vivid prints, and appealing designs can allow you to attract more customers.

  • Jewelry brands

Everyone desires to own distinctive jewelry. You can advertise your items by using a jewelry counter display box since it will draw customers' attention more rapidly than other products. When a consumer walks into a store, they usually look at the counter first. If your counter contains jewelry counter display boxes, there's a chance they'll buy the displayed jewelry.

  • Candy Counter Display Boxes:

Candy counter display boxes may be proven to create a huge profit since the bright candies will catch children's attention. In addition, when a consumer first sees the counter and sees the candy countertop boxes, they will be more likely to buy the candy right away. You can keep candies of different flavors in different boxes. It will let customers find their desired flavor with ease.

  • Countertop boxes for cannabis: 

Give your custom display box designs for cannabis counters extra security. However, it does protect your pre-rolls by filling in their packaging boxes. It is perfect for counter display and aids in preventing product breakage. However, due to the fact that display cases make your cannabis excellent for storage, this item is the biggest dealer in the marijuana showcase. Hence, they can increase customer interest. You also need to make them resistant to kids.


Counter display boxes are only suitable for small and handy products. You can’t use them to display heavyweight products. We have explained the different kinds of products that you can display using these boxes. We also have described various industries that consider using them for displaying their products. Their role is very important in grabbing the attention of buyers. They can also increase brand recognition because of their placements at the most visible locations in a store. Hence, many brands can use them to spread awareness about their services and products. They also ensure the safety of products. You need different kinds of display boxes for different types of products.