Packaging ROI can vary by industry and application. You have to calculate the ROI of your packaging to see if it has any benefit for your business or not. According to observation, custom boxes cost more as compared to readymade packaging solutions. However, they can also perform better in helping your business boost sales and increase profits. Let's review several elements that can boost your ROI and justify your packaging expense.

What Factors Affect Packaging Roi?

The following factors affect packaging ROI.

·         A Sales Increase

Retail brands rely on packaging to boost sales. Products are displayed at the moment of purchase, where 82% of purchases are made. When rebranding your packaging for a marketing campaign, offer it a fair share of the results to justify your expenditure. We have seen that packaging comes with the relevant printed content. It also helps to attract more customers and boost sales. The increase in sales can lead a business to the heights of success. In this way, when you spend more money on a custom box, you can get a return on investment by selling more products. As a result, it is a fair deal to invest money in custom packaging to make your business more profitable.

·         Reduced Damage

There are various ways your products can get damaged during shipping. For instance, bumps and jolts can break delicate items. Exposure to water or moisture can also spoil the quality of your products. Your organization can benefit greatly from reducing product damage during delivery. By not producing replacement units, you save on manufacturing and labor costs. You can also save money as you don't have to ship and process damaged products.

Packaging structural redesign, material review, and updating are usually needed to reduce damage. One company has developed an innovative, cost-effective solution to reduce product damage by adding artwork to a box design. If a new packaging design lowers your damage rate, consider that savings part of your ROI.

·         Optimal Packaging

Structured packaging can cut costs significantly. A professional structural design that examines your pack for product protection, form, and material efficiency saves money in two ways. First, using fewer resources lowers unit costs. By optimizing box size and weight without compromising product protection, you may reduce shipping costs and maximize your supply chain ROI.

It means you should not go for costly packaging. You also need to follow different tricks that can help you reduce the cost of your product packaging. A higher cost of packaging can decrease the profit of your business. Therefore, you must go for smart ways to cut packaging costs and increase profits. However, you should never compromise on the quality of a box to save money. The product packaging should be sturdier enough to ensure the safety of packaged items. Hence, optimal packaging can also help to reduce expenses.

·         Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain management is a separate topic that affects packaging ROI. You can save time and money by consolidating vendors. By knowing your packaging's big picture, you can better partner with your key suppliers and turn them into valued consultants. Effective inventory management, ordering in the right quantities, and minimizing warehouse overhead frees up cash from outdated or obsolete packaging and excessive storage expenditures.

·         Better Environmental Profile

Eco-friendly business practices boost brand value. Not just for retail products, adopting package components that can be recycled or reused simplifies the process for your end user and makes working with your product packaging straightforward. The appropriate quantity of packaging (not an excessive delivery box full of unnecessary peanuts) also affects consumers' view of your brand and values. You need to go for eco-friendly packaging. It is also important to attract more eco-conscious customers. They will prefer buying your products due to the role of your brand in keeping the ecosystem safe. It lets people have a positive image of your company.

Recording Roi And Cost Savings

After considering these factors, you should have a set of KPIs you can calculate to analyze your packaging ROI in a relevant way for your business. Your packaging partner should help with this. After entering the partnership, ask them to explain why they chose your packaging solutions, how they got at them, and the estimated annual savings. Check your expectations after a year. You should see if your goals were met. You should also try to find more opportunities. Packaging suppliers should be team members and financial advisors. Their job is to enhance your appearance.

At the end of the year, you should see if your packaging has benefited your business or not. You should ensure that your packaging has increased sales, protected products during shipping, and helped your business get a return on their investment for custom packaging.

How Is Packaging A Strategic Investment For Business?

The following points will let us understand how packaging is a strategic investment for the success of a business:

·         Custom Boxes Enhance The Brand Image

A better brand image is necessary for increasing your sales and earning more money. Do you know how your printed cardboard boxes can be crucial to enhancing the image of your brand? They perform many important functions to impress your customers. For example, they ensure the safety of the products so that people can receive the best quality products. They can also help to satisfy buyers and build customer loyalty. Custom cardboard boxes come with enticing surface finishes. Their additional coatings and foiling can win the hearts of the buyers. Hence, these boxes can enhance the image of the brand.

·         Attract Customers By Enticing Packaging. 

The main purpose of brands is to attract customers and boost their sales. Custom boxes come with relevant printing elements to grasp the attention of people so that they can see and buy products. Similarly, they come with stylish textual content that increases the beauty of the boxes. Due to increased attractiveness, these boxes can attract new customers and escalate sales. The increased sales will also lead to increased income for the business. Hence, you should use these boxes to increase the profitability of your business. In this way, packaging is a fruitful investment for a business to become successful.


If you want to rock your business quickly, you should go the extra mile while designing your packaging. We have seen how custom boxes can benefit your business to make more money. We have understood the ROI of packaging and how this investment can be beneficial for a business. There is no loss for any business in spending money on custom packaging as it helps to attract buyers and boost sales. In the end, it can help to earn more profit for a company.