Unboxing has been popular on social media in recent years. It is becoming an important part of online firms' marketing activities. The term "unboxing experience" refers to more than just unwrapping a package. It's a whole experience that involves a client's eagerness to open custom boxes for the first time.

Why is it so important how a consumer opens a thing they ordered? If done correctly, it can be a fantastic selling point with the ability to grow your business through repeat customers, feedback, and more. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to apply for custom packaging that can assist in leveraging it. Here are some of the most effective ways to use custom packaging to improve the unboxing experience.

Reflect Brand Identity With Custom Boxes Unboxing

It's challenging to produce an unboxing that is relevant to your brand's story. You will constantly require helpful custom packaging materials. Your values and personality should be shown in every part of your custom boxes. Meanwhile, it should provide a touchpoint in the client journey that is consistent with your brand's goal.

When individuals receive their order, the first thing they notice is the outside packing. It is the ideal location for custom-branded elements such as your logo and brand colors. This piques the buyer's interest and guarantees that you have their undivided attention for the unboxing experience.

Use Branded Labels And Packaging Tape

Branded boxes can be an expensive asset, particularly for small businesses with low profit margins. Adding stickers or customized packaging tape to your custom boxes is a low-cost alternative. It also works well as a focal point for important brand elements.

How cool is it to come home to a snappy cargo box? First impressions are essential for a successful unboxing experience. These boxes are perfect for larger items and products that require extra protection during shipment.

Mesmerize The Inner Product Display

When your buyer opens their box or envelope, you want them to be blown away by what they find within. In this case, interior packaging and product display are critical. You want your things to stay safe in their box while in transportation while also being enticing to increase perceived value.

Tissue paper, whether branded or colored, is an extremely versatile packaging option for your unpacking enterprise. It can be used to line the inside of boxes, gift-wrap items, or keep space between products. It can also serve as a large canvas for more elaborate phrases or artwork that reflects brand identification.

Use Packaging Fillers And Inserts With Logos

A filler is typically used to keep your merchandise from moving around too much during transit. However, it also ensures that your product offers an elegant display when your buyer opens the box. Crinkle-cut paper, for example, lends a more expensive appearance to an object.

Inserts in your custom boxes allow you to expand on your brand's story and provide context for the unwrapping experience. To enjoy branding, make sure to print the logo on these. It will also have an impact on buyers.

Inspire Customers With A Thank-You Note

Everyone appreciates a gift-like arrival. E-commerce companies must personalize the experience in order to properly amaze their customers. Nobody wants to think that their unboxing was a shambles. Furthermore, it is the small personal touches that are appealing to shoppers in order to help them build a true relationship with your business.

A handwritten note is an excellent, heartfelt approach to express your appreciation for your customer's assistance. It's a small touch that shows how much effort your company goes to make clients pleased. A personalized message also hints at the people behind the package your consumers get. It frequently improves the emotional aspect of the client relationship.

Add A Free Gift Sample

Product sampling is a well-known e-commerce tactic by companies like Sephora to increase repeat purchases. However, good samples should always take into account what would match your customer's order. If you are a bakery brand, for example, you could provide a sample of another flavor in the custom boxes that you anticipate your consumer will appreciate.

Imagine taking something out of the box as an ice cream sundae. The ice cream is neatly laid out, but the chocolate sauce and cherry on top make it more special. We know that something important is missing without it. These actions show that the artist cares and pays attention to the details.

Make The Unboxing Experience Shareable

Unboxing experiences delight customers and inspire them to tell others about it. In e-commerce, social proof is a critical instrument. Almost a quarter of millennials and Generation Z individuals say social media likes and comments influence their purchasing decisions.

If you want to share your unboxing experience, you'll need a strong call to action to get people interested in your brand story. A coupon insert that gives people a deal or a chance to win something for sharing their experience can also get people to share on social media.

Make Cross-Channel Engagement A Priority

It is extremely rare for customers to never hear from a brand again after making a transaction. Unless you make an effort to keep them updated, they are unlikely to return.

By connecting your customers to other outlets where they can be a part of the community, unboxing is a great way to start a new buying cycle. Put hashtags or QR codes for social media on your products to get people to interact with your content.

Opt For Magnetic Closure Unboxing Style

This is the most important design of today's five unique and appealing custom packaging box designs. It is especially beneficial if you want to keep your valuables safe and secure while maintaining a neat appearance. Magnetic closures are adequate to prevent mechanical shocks from opening your custom boxes.

It is most usually associated with telephones, gifts, and scented things. For these, you need an extra amount of security. If it's made in a creative way, this design could totally change how your custom print boxes look. Another layer of safety is added by making the lid strong and small. There is also a string and hook closing method.

Scale Your Unboxing Experience Over Time

Unboxing is simple to organize when order volumes are low. You can meticulously plan each order and exercise creative control over selection and shipping. However, when order quantities increase, scaling unboxing slowly for order fulfillment. Backlogs in order processing and fulfillment can irritate customers and harm your business.

For businesses that are growing quickly, unboxing experiences don't work for self-fulfillment. Many businesses are in a tough spot because making moving easier could mean losing long-term customers. Because of this, working with an e-commerce company and giving up power might be hard.


Unboxing is now essential for e-commerce and consumer contact. The proper unboxing of products in custom boxes may enhance social media marketing, client retention, and community-building, all in one beautiful package. Which is the best place to begin? You should first identify your packaging requirements before consulting with a packaging professional.