You may need top-notch custom boxes to make a good impression among your customers. You may get them with the features your product needs. (CBO) uses high-quality substances for their manufacturing. Modern tools can also help to create precise shapes, and their customized shapes will help to make your products stand out in stores. You can use CBO's expertise to create the best packaging for your products. Here, we will discuss the best reasons to buy packaging solutions from CBO.

Make Your Products Noticeable With Feature-Rich Custom Boxes.

The right customization for your custom product boxes may make them noticeable in stores. CBO also has talented designers who create stunning box shapes. This team may also have enough expertise to create prominent shapes. You may also get your customized boxes in desired shapes. These shapes may be rectangular, cubic, reverse tuck, briefcase-style, or sleeve sliders. You may also get each shape in customized size options. Each box shape can also come in your desired color combinations. Their particular color scheme will represent your brand in the market. You may also get them with custom features such as windowpanes. These windows will keep your products visible to buyers. You can also get them with custom inserts and segments. They are important for the proper arrangement of your products. You may also request the addition of custom-shaped handles and airtight lids.

Classy Boxes For High-End Products

You should use packaging with an appealing finish if you want to stand out from your rival brands. You may get boxes with several embellishments. For instance, you may get them with desired coatings, including matte, gloss, and spot UV coatings. You can also go for various foiling options. For instance, you can select silver or gold foiling. Purple or copper foiling can also be selected if you want. They will help to give your packaging a metallic touch. You may also consider using embossing or foil stamping to imprint your brand's logo. You may also request the use of these methods to imprint graphics. Various other embellishments are available, including raised ink, PVC, smudge-free, velvet lamination, and others. They can help to give your packaging a luxurious appeal.

Get Feature-Rich Boxes To Offer A Memorable Unboxing Experience.

Customers will find unboxing more memorable and enticing with creative boxes. For instance, you can go for an innovative box-opening mechanism. Consider magnetic closures, ribbon pulls, or hinged lids. These techniques startle and engage buyers. You can also request the addition of brand-name tissue paper or wrapping for the display and protection of your products. You can include personalized thank-you messages, product information, and unique coupons or discounts to show gratitude and encourage repeat business. You also have the option to use branded stickers and labels to seal the box or product packaging to enhance branding and aesthetics.

For products with various components, you can request the creation of multi-compartment boxes that organize and make them easy to access. It is also a great idea to encourage customers to investigate and interact with the packaging using hidden messages, QR codes, or surprises. Design boxes that can be reused for storage or exhibition to prolong package life. In this way, you can offer an amazing unboxing experience to your customers.

Premium-Quality Printing

Your boxes have to come with relevant printed content. Printing elements are important for several purposes. For instance, there may be printed graphics and images. They are important to describe the product. Similarly, your custom packaging may also come with the logo of your brand. It is important to advertise your company. You may request the use of modern tools for printing your product boxes. Modern screen and offset printing may produce excellent printed boxes. These are costly methods and are only possible when you have to go for bulk printing. You also have cost-effective printing methods, such as digital printing, that are not costly compared to other methods. It is important for small orders.

Top-Notch Manufacturing Materials

An important factor that needs extra care is the selection of manufacturing substances. The manufacturing team at CBO always prefers high-tech substances. Sturdier substances may include kraft, bux board, and cardboard. These materials can ensure that your products are safe inside a box. You may also prefer sustainable and renewable substances. They are important because they are easy to access and not costly. You can also go for eco-friendly solutions because they are recyclable and reusable. These substances will help to reduce the pollution on Earth.

Why Should You Choose Customboxesonly.Com To Buy Custom Boxes?

The following are some of the important reasons to choose CBO as your packaging partner: 

  • Free Shipping For Skin Health Product Boxes

CBO offers free shipping for packaging solutions. It is only possible when you order from the USA. You may also request shipping beyond borders. However, shipping beyond borders will not be free. You may also enjoy an exemption from plate charges and die-cut charges. These facilities can help you save money.

  • Free Design Support

The design team at CBO is always available to take your calls. You may contact designers via phone calls to seek design support without any extra fee. You may contact the design team when you have a rough design idea. It will see if it is practicable and help you create the best custom box design that can set your products apart from others. You can also have access to several predesigned templates. You may choose any template that suits your needs. Moreover, you may recommend modifications in any predesigned template according to your needs. This facility has helped various businesses create stunning box designs.


Many brands like purchasing custom boxes from CBO and it is because of the faster processing of orders. A dedicated and trained team is available to process all orders fast. There will be no delay in the processing of your orders once you have paid complete charges. may process and send standard orders in no more than 12 business days. You may also have the option of urgent delivery under certain conditions. You may go for this facility with an additional fee. Rush orders are sent in 6-8 working days.