Many brands need custom boxes for their products because you can easily use them to ship your products to buyers. You can also buy them with several features according to your choice. They may come in alluring styles, and their colors may also represent your brand in the market. They can also set your products in a distinctive manner when present in stores. When you need made-to-measure packaging for your products, (CBO) can be the best packaging partner for you. Here, we will see how you can get the best packaging with the desired features.

Get Made-To-Measure Custom Boxes. 

All the brands look for customized solutions to package their products. They can also help their items stand out in retail outlets. CBO offers custom packaging in several customized styles. Their alluring styles may include reverse tuck style, pillow style, and many others. You may also get them in desired size options. You can also have the option of choosing them in any color. Particular color schemes can help to represent your brand in the market. In this way, your products will become easily identifiable for your customers.

You can also order a custom box with inserts and segments. It is possible to get a box with custom inserts in the desired shapes according to your products. You may also get them with multiple segments. These add-ons can let you arrange many items in a nice manner. You can also get a personalized box with custom-shaped window fronts on demand. These windows will allow buyers to see how you have arranged items. The addition of airtight lids and carrying handles on demand can help to enhance the worth of your product packaging. 

Printing Quality To Make A Difference

Your product boxes have to contain relevant printing elements. CBO has a dedicated graphic design team. They can create the best quality graphics in HD that can be printed on your product boxes by using modern printing methods. They will look amazing when present in stores. These graphics will also describe your products in a better way. In this way, you can entice your target buyers. CBO also has expensive printing options such as screen and offset printing. These methods are preferred for bulk orders because they are costly and not suitable for small orders. In the case of small orders, the option of digital printing is the best one. Besides that, the printing team at CBO prefers biodegradable inks as they don’t have any bad impact on the environment. In this way, you can get a box whose printing quality can help you make a difference from others.

Get Custom Boxes With Luxurious Finishing. 

A luxurious product box can help to win more appreciation from buyers. Most brands want to become well-known among their customers. (CBO) offers many options to give a luxurious texture to a packaging box. You may get it with a matte or gloss coating. These coatings can improve its visual appeal to attract more customers. You can also request the use of silver or gold foiling. The use of copper or purple foiling for a better visual appeal is also possible on demand. You may also consider the use of embossing as it is a great method of imprinting text or images. The use of foil stamping and debossing also helps to imprint your brand logo or the brand name on a box. Other adornment options may include velvet lamination, smudge-free, PVC, and raised ink. These special finishing options can give your packaging a luxurious charm.

Go For The Best Quality Manufacturing Materials. 

Most users need high-quality packaging made of sturdier materials. CBO has the best quality materials to manufacture product packaging for your products. The use of kraft, bux board, or cardboard for their production helps to make your packaging durable. These substances are long-lasting and durable. They also have no bad impact on our environment. Their natural origin makes them affordable because they are obtained from renewable sources. They are also suitable for all businesses. Their strength also helps to ensure the protection of encased items. You can also get boxes with a waterproof coating. It will also keep risks due to exposure to water moisture at bay. Hence, these top-quality production substances can keep your products secure during shipping. This packaging can also be an amazing choice to take your products to retail settings safely.

Why Do You Need To Prefer to Get Made-To-Measure Packaging?

The following are some of the important reasons to prefer CBO to get customized packaging:

  • Free Amenities

CBO has pleased many clients by offering several free services. For instance, it has the facility of free shipping for clients from the USA. However, it may charge minimal charges when shipping beyond borders. There is also the option of design support without any extra fee. You may reach design professionals to discuss your box design ideas. They can let you know about the correct dimensions. They also have several pre-made templates. You can select any template or ask to modify an existing template. You can also seek their assistance to create new box designs for your products. There will be no fee for design assistance.

  • Faster Processing

You should always choose the best supplier to buy custom boxes. (CBO) has satisfied many clients due to its faster processing of orders. The team at CBO doesn’t take too much time to complete any order. The dedicated team can complete and send standard orders as soon as possible. They may not take more than 10-12 business days to send a standard order. You also have the option of rush delivery. Rush orders can be sent in 6-8 working days. There are small extra charges when you go for expedited shipping. This is the best option if you want to get your boxes even sooner.


When you need made-to-measure packaging, you have to reach different packaging partners available in your area. You should discuss how they deal with their clients and what exclusive services they can offer. In this way, you can find the best packaging partner. is one of the best packaging suppliers in the USA because it has several exclusive facilities for its clients. Their modern printing methods and manufacturing tools can also help you get your custom boxes at reasonable costs.