Natural magnetic closure boxes elegantly present gifts and retail items. Magnets hide the lid, making these flip-top boxes easy to build and secure. We can also reuse them after shipping and store them flat. Natural kraft magnetic boxes can package your treasured products. They are also robust and elegant, ideal for packaging presents and retail items. Here is a detailed guide to these boxes and how they have evolved. We will also discuss their brief history and engaging customer unboxing experience.

What are magnetic closure boxes? 

These boxes are not for packing magnets. Instead, we can securely use them for sturdy items with magnetic closure boxes and flap closures. They are usually firm cardboard with two magnet plates in the front panel and two small metal plates bonded inside the flip-top lid, which attract each other to close the box. We can manufacture magnetic boxes from brown Kraft paper for a natural look or print them in full color on white paper for a beautiful look with an artwork-designed closing.

Magnetic closure box types

The following are different types of magnetic closure boxes:

  • Magnetic-lid boxes that fold halfway

The standard closure on flip-top rigid boxes covers the front panel. Customize the front panel to have two flaps that meet in the center. The box base and top lid flip down to meet the box bottom. This flap closure is essential for tall magnetic boxes. To lower the maximum flap height, apply a custom sticker to seal the flap ends as a presentation magnetic gift box.

  • Magnetic kraft gift box with triangle flap 

These are magnet gift boxes with or without lids. The top magnetic lid can be fastened to the box rear for display, which is the biggest difference between the two lid options. The top lid cannot be flipped to the floor and laid flat if the flap back is glued to the inside box. The magnetic flap can lay flatly backward if not bonded to the inner box. An optimal combination is a higher box with a glued lid and a lower box without a lid.

  • Ribbon-pull flap magnetic boxes

The ribbon pulls on the flap, making package opening easier. Ribbon pulls come in black, white, and gold. If you don't like a ribbon on the box, cut a finger notch in the magnetic flap. We also prefer the ribbon pull since viewing the gray board from the cut edge is more accessible than viewing the surface-coated paper.

  • Rope or ribbon-closed magnetic gift boxes

Whether you wish to adorn the presentation boxes or have clients carry them, you may change the magnetic clasp with a rope handle and ribbon. Two magnets can also close the box, and a ribbon bowl can decorate it. We can also decorate magnetic boxes with any number of handles and ribbons to match the box or artwork. In addition to box varieties, you may customize your magnetic box with inserts for commercial purposes.

  • Paperboard-lined magnetic rigid boxes

Paperboard inserts can be shaped to keep products from moving around the box. Kraft paperboard inserts for Kraft surface paper-coated rigid cardboard magnetic gift boxes are also recyclable and affordable.

  • Magnetic boxes with foam inserts 

Try foam inserts if thin paperboard inserts don't work for your products. EVA foam is the toughest, and XPE foam is the softest. They are also crucial for jewelry packaging. The foam can be white, black, or gray. You can also add velvet for extraordinary luxury. A good trick is to bond a more oversized foam insert with many pieces. Die-cut foam inserts fit your product flawlessly. These inserts also cost slightly more than paper inserts.

  • Custom silk cloth-lined magnetic flap-top cardboard boxes

Silk cloth inserts make luxurious presentation packaging for unique artisan packaging. They also safeguard fragile products with a soft foam pad under the silk cloth. Golden and silver silks are available. However, you can also choose other colors.

  • Magnetic boxes with clear-lid windows

A buyer may wish to view the product in a package before buying. Create a window on the box lid so people can see through it without opening it. A transparent PVC box allows you to showcase products without contamination.

The history and evolution of magnetic closures

Magnetic closure boxes were first employed in the early 20th century. The contemporary magnetic box design was established in the 1990s. The first magnetic boxes were made of metal and were used for luxury products. Over time, magnetic boxes expanded to include more materials, sizes, and shapes. From retail to food packaging, many businesses are using magnetic boxes.

Stable, noble, and simple magnetic boxes have several benefits. Their sturdiness makes them appropriate for many items. Heavy products, such as bottles, glasses, mugs, etc., fit well in these printed custom boxes. Their simple beauty makes them ideal for jewelry, chocolates, and gift presentations. When opening, a magnetic box can produce a wow moment. Thus, it can make product presentations shine. A noble black box with simple decorations can impress buyers.

Importance of engaging unboxing experience with magnetic closures

Did you know that 81% of buyers have an opinion about the items after seeing the packaging? As product unboxing videos on YouTube and Instagram expand every year, it's clear that product packaging is a significant buying consideration. Research shows that 72% of American consumers say product packaging strongly influences their buying choice. Unboxing is your brand's initial impression on customers. Opening a gift, even knowing what's inside, is almost like an experience.

This marketing tactic can also place your brand in front of countless consumers if they capture and share the unwrapping experience. Furthermore, many unboxings include product reviews to help viewers choose. Despite its simplicity, many video-sharing firms adopt this method to improve consumer pleasure and expertise.

Why is unboxing important to brands in 2022?

Many firms think great unboxing is solely for luxury or fashion brands. However, that's not true. Online customers prefer to post photos of their purchases in attractive branded packaging (60%). An unboxing experience is a well-established strategic marketing technique with the best likelihood of success. You want people to post photos and videos of unboxing your products on social media to go viral. In that situation, invest more in packaging and create a market-leading design. The unboxing experience is the last thing that makes them want to buy again.

What can a brand do to build the perfect unboxing?

A superb unboxing experience is distinctive, creative, and luxurious. As a brand owner, you can't expect cheap packaging to make the experience memorable. To design the optimal unwrapping experience, use high-quality packaging materials and bring your concepts to life. Most brands contact popular magnetic closure box companies that care about their brand's packaging details. Product packaging is also customizable, so find a supplier to meet your brand's goals.


Magnetic closure boxes can offer an extraordinary brand experience to your customers. We have explained how they can be better for your products. We have also described a brief history and how they have evolved. They also play an essential role in offering an engaging unboxing experience for buyers. Hence, you can also use this packaging for an extraordinary brand experience and to make your products memorable for buyers.