Custom boxes can increase product sales for any brand. Here is a list of out-of-the-box packaging solutions for higher sales volumes.


Brands can use custom packaging to attract customers and increase sales volumes. Numerous innovative types of custom boxes motivate clients in different ways. The various sorts of custom boxes have a lot of design variety. However, their core objective is the same. Here are seven different varieties of custom boxes that help increase sales.

Die-Cut Custom Boxes

There is a higher demand for custom boxes with windows from various businesses. This is due to the success of these distinctive custom boxes in increasing sales. Their design allows customers to view the products without having to touch them. They also do not have to remove them from their product packaging to have a look. A transparent sheet helps to cover the hollow area of the window. It also helps to protect the contents within from factors such as humidity and other elements. Yet, it allows purchasers to get in the mood for shopping that were even casually checking them. It makes it easier for them to make selections about what to buy in a really short amount of time.

Gable Boxes

You will love this creative packaging type once you learn about its efficiency. Brand marketing strategists are always looking for custom boxes that hold such qualities to make products stand out more. An excellent source that has a distinctive structural architecture is boxes that have a gable shape. They are constructed from a single sheet of cardboard boxes and have handles attached to the very top of the product. These handle boxes are a significant contributor to customer satisfaction since they make it simpler for customers to raise the goods. This is one of the ways that businesses can ensure their customers are happy. In addition, the interior area is spacious enough to handle somewhat cumbersome things.

Counter Display Packaging

These custom display boxes are very popular among brands that sell their wares in physical retail stores. Startups always prefer this display packaging type because it can bring more attention to their items. They are hung over the cash counters, the only store locations where customers have to pay for their goods. These are the locations where customers spend most of their time after buying goods. These boxes' clear product displays encourage customers to add them to their shopping carts and wish lists.

Tray And Sleeve Box

Custom packaging that has an appealing presentation has the potential to persuade people to make purchases successfully. The sleeve and tray design is the perfect way to add luxury to the product. This style enchants customers who want to get gifts for the people they care about. Usually, the inner tray comes with a little fabric hook on one side. People can easily pull the items in base with the help of it. Customers can readily inspect the quality of the items without taking them into their hands. The garment business favors the usage of this particular style of packaging. It is a perfect gifting packaging due to its stylish unboxing.

Customized Pillow Boxes

Because they resemble pillows in shape, these custom two-piece boxes got their name. They have a hollow space in the midst of them. The interior of both the left and right ends are forced against them. At this phase, products become secure due to this structure. Sometimes, it also contains a window to display the products to the general public. These boxes capture the attention of buyers almost immediately after they see them. It is due to their unique style that makes them distinctive from other packaging types. Their charm over the shelf also attracts customers. Moreover, the inclusion of ribbons, bows, and other add-ons not only improves the aesthetic appeal.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

There have been some new additions to the available varieties of custom packaging types to use for different businesses. Packaging that is kind to the environment has gained widespread adoption in a short amount of time and has outcompeted its rivals by driving up sales volumes. It appeals to the sentiments of those who have a deep love for the natural world. The custom cardboard boxes material that manufactures them is harmless to the environment. The other varieties described are not to blame for the pollution either. However, there is no doubt that they share some of the blame for the loss of forest cover. This type of packaging is made without the use of wood pulp. Instead, affordable agricultural waste such as corn starch and bamboo pulp serve for its production.

Boxes With Add-On Embellishment

The aesthetics that excite buyers can be raised to a higher level by embellishing custom packaging with various add-ons. A firm looking for custom boxes has access to a wide selection of decorating options. These options can boost the attractiveness of the packaging. The application of a metallic coating, which gives the exterior a shiny appearance, and the usage of foiling are both examples of frequent add-ons that are readily available. Incorporating additions such as embossing, debossing, and using raised inks into a business's marketing strategy can bring promotional and branding benefits. As a result, after recognizing these customers as entities with professional demeanors, individuals start making transactions with them. They also have a pleasant and captivating appearance thanks to the laminations.


These were some of the best custom boxes that offer a speedy rise in sales volume. Only as a direct result of the inventive methods utilized in the packaging of the above solutions can the existing consumer base begin to expand. As a result, it turns into a powerful source for the majority of the companies, allowing them to remain in the competition and gradually gain an advantage over it.