Packaging is an inevitable need, but the cost to get it could vary depending upon the decisions to take regarding its design. It is possible that a brand is getting costly packaging but still not making a difference, while the other one could go beyond expectations with a cheap packaging solution.

However, there are still ways to get innovative custom boxes while spending less on this aspect. Here are 10 ways you can lower the budget required for packaging while inspiring customers with the design.

Investigate The Various Choices For Custom Boxes

There are numerous packaging methods available on the market today. They are all unique in terms of shapes, sizes, designs, and so on. The prices of custom box designs are affected by a variety of factors. For example, raw material selection, production techniques, design, printing, labeling, and so on. 

Before you go into any definite or preset requirements, attempt to investigate as many viable possibilities as possible. The advantage of this study is that you can replace numerous choices with similar but less expensive goods. You will also have a better understanding of the market's current demand and trends. 

Concentrate Solely On The Necessities

Typically, customers employ a lot of needless design and printing on their packing things to wow their clients, which raises their overall cost. The wise decision is to focus solely on the requirements of effective packaging. You do not have to employ all of the available strategies to improve your appearance. 

Focus on the aspects that can impact your clients' purchasing decisions to get custom boxes. For example, your preferences should be to provide the best possible protection for the packed products, thus selecting high-quality materials. Only print what is necessary, such as corporate information. Depending on the situation, use appropriate closures such as adhesives, ropes, and sealing. 

Make Use Of Standardized Sizes

If you cannot afford to pay a high price for package manufacture, avoid thoroughly customizing the structure of cardboard custom boxes. Choose a single standard structure for each product. You can put various artworks on them to enhance their appearance and make them more appealing. 

Meanwhile, you can alter the product arrangement in the box using cardboard dividers or inserts to fit the box for each product. Inserts and dividers are inexpensive to obtain since it is also easy to produce them from recycled materials.

Change The Size And Quantity

For all of the products that will be placed in these boxes, multiple layers of packaging are not required. Analyze the product kind as well as the transportation and handling scenarios to select efficient packing items. Change the size and quantity of custom packaging to better suit the specific needs of the products that will be packaged in them. 

The small size of the boxes allows for easy handling and transportation. Use cardboard dividers or inserts to store or put many goods in a single package, reducing their quantity. This factor would also facilitate the customers, and they would be able to handle the boxes easily while having more products inside.

Reduce Excess Weight

Another approach to save money on custom boxes is to decrease their excess weight. You can reduce the custom packaging weight by removing the extra layers of materials that were originally employed to increase their durability. Many more approaches can be used to increase their rigidity. 

To increase the toughness of the sleeves, you might adjust the patterns of their bottom bases by making them interlaced. Use molded pulp placeholders instead of corrugated inserts to provide the same level of protection to the packed products at a lower cost. 

Be An Environmentally Conscious Entity

Green packaging is currently the most popular client requirement. There are a couple of simple ways to get started with eco-friendly packaging. The fundamental method is to employ compostable materials like cardboard, Kraft, Bux board, corrugated fiberboard, and so on. 

Kraft packing boxes save money on recycling because they are simple to reprocess. For printing or designing these boxes, use soluble inks or dyes that are also less expensive than others. 

Consider Digital Printing

There are numerous alternatives for box printing. Moving from traditional to digital printing techniques can result in significant cost savings. When employing traditional methods, businesses must acquire a huge quantity of packaging solutions. In comparison, digital printing is ideal for small to medium-sized numbers. 

You can only utilize them when necessary; in other words, it functions in such a way that it can print numerous items only when necessary. This is based on the concepts of continuous processes, which smooth the business flow without expanding storage space. 

Printing Usage Should Be Kept To A Minimum

Some specialty package vendors utilize sophisticated embossing, debossing, and foil stamping techniques to appear more branded. There is no doubt that these possibilities make the printed box sleeves more appealing, as well as add more worth and value to the packed goods and the brand. However, their widespread use can significantly increase the cost. 

The prudent strategy is to use these printing techniques as little as possible. To make the custom printed sleeve package look more professional and worthy, emboss or stamp it in one or two spots. Avoid employing various designs on these boxes since it would simply complicate their displays. 

Or Simply Skip Printing

Every cardboard sleeve packaging supplier does not need to print their things to distinguish themselves from the competition. Using stickers or labels instead of printing can also serve the same purpose. You can avoid the printing process entirely by using these items to make your supplied items appear more appealing. 

With the use of graphically printed stickers, any standard box may be transformed into a gift box. The use of stickers is also beneficial when you start a business from scratch. It is especially great for bakery or home chef businesses as it would provide an option of using the same box for any order coming from clients with just a change of sticker.

Make Use Of Add-Ons

The ease of carrying and handling of a sleeve box can reduce mishandling, resulting in reduced product replacement. Use diverse embellishments such as colorful ropes, ribbons, or threads on its surfaces so that the consumer may handle the entire thing more attentively. 

You can either attach them to the edges of a custom box design or paste them on the inside bottom of the outer cover and completely cover the box with their ends, which will improve their sealing and management. 


Packaging should be at the top of your list when looking for strategies to improve your business's sales. All these techniques are a way to save budget and meanwhile optimize the packaging to make it smarter and inspiring for customers. Use old-fashioned packaging options to save money and resources. Effective performance should be your objective, so constantly modify the designs of your custom boxes to make them unique and valuable to your clients as well as yourself.