Different kinds of materials are available to manufacture custom boxes. These materials include Kraft, bux board, and others. Many countries have banned the use of plastic materials for manufacturing product packaging due to its various negative impacts on the environment. In this article, we will go through different kinds of manufacturing materials for custom packaging. We will also discuss various innovative box shapes for convenience items. The role of these box shapes is very important in taking a brand to the heights of popularity.  

Innovative Shapes Of Custom Boxes For Convenience Items

The following are some of the best and most modern box shapes that you can use to package convenience items:

  • Shelf-Ready Boxes 

Cardboard can be an essential material to make a variety of box styles. You can alter this shelf-ready box to suit your requirements and preferences. The shelf-ready style is one of the key packaging styles for showcasing various products on shelves. They perform a variety of different uses and tasks. In retail establishments, they can help with packaging and product display. They may also help ensure that your products reach safely from warehouses to retail locations. They also ensure an attractive display of your products. Many brands can customize boxes them according to their needs to suit the requirements of their products. They can advertise their items by using appropriate images and pictures.

  • Box And Lid Packaging

This luxury packaging is affordable since you can produce it using only a small amount of recycled packaging waste. They can be the best option to present your products in a visually appealing way. Manufacturers use glue, tape, or other binders to join their corners and other parts. They may also come in eye-catching color combinations to attract clients. Hence, you can also get them with custom-shaped lids to shield the contents from dust.

  • Die-Cut Self-Locking Box

Small items can be shipped using die-cut, self-locking custom boxes. They are dependable and strong. One of the main factors making them the best shipping packing solution is their ease of construction. This box is very economical to create because it generates no waste. You can print it to the specs of many products, making it highly customizable. You can place any product inside and send it securely to clients. When searching for inexpensive boxes, keep self-locking boxes in mind. They also have enticing and welcoming looks. They are popular for safely transporting products from storage facilities to retail establishments.

  • Pyramidal And Pillow-Style

Several businesses have made outstanding designs of boxes and launched them. The pillow-style box is one of the unique box shapes. You can use it to package your products impressively. Pyramidal boxes are one of the impressive custom packaging solutions. This attractive as well as creative box design can display your items creatively in stores. They also offer many customization options, and many brands can utilize them for marketing and promotion.

  • Briefcase Style And Sleeve Sliders

Briefcase-like boxes seem quite appealing and look like briefcases. They are crucial packaging solutions for many products. Many brands can utilize these pre-made boxes to display customers their items. They can manufacture these boxes as per their requirements and print them based on the characteristics of their products. Similarly, you can make sleeve sliders look nice. They consist of two parts: a bottom that holds or encloses the object and a lid, sometimes known as a sleeve, that covers it. Your company can personalize it by printing the appropriate content.

Innovative Materials For Custom Boxes

Various kinds of materials are available to manufacture product boxes. The following are some of the innovative materials that can be used to manufacture the best packaging for convenience items:

  • Cardboard 

A versatile material with several significant advantages is cardboard. This material is now being used in almost every industry to make custom packaging boxes. You can use it to produce many forms, patterns, and sizes. Between the two exterior liners is a kraft corrugated inner layer, and it has two liners overall. It can provide extra security during handling and transportation. Cardboard can also protect different items from different kinds of damage and keep them safe. Water, dust, moisture, and bacteria cannot harm the products that are present within.

Furthermore, cardboard is a popular material since it is environmentally friendly. It has contributed to maintaining a tidy and clean atmosphere. It is also recyclable and biodegradable. It doesn't accumulate on Earth and can be the greatest choice to maintain a brand's adherence to environmental regulations. These facts, therefore, make this material the most demanding when it comes to producing personalized boxes.

  • Kraft

One of the best materials you can use to make custom boxes is Kraft. Kraft boxes can protect products from a number of damage that can happen during transport. This material will last a long time. In addition to resisting pressure, it can handle other problems during transit. Jolts and bumps don't tear these boxes apart. The products inside are safer and more secure because kraft boxes last longer. They can keep products safe from risks due to water and moisture. Kraft material can handle the effects of water and humidity.

  • Foam Inserts:

Although not the main component of the box, it is also possible to use foam inserts to safeguard fragile or sensitive products during shipping. These inserts are important to ensure the safety of products until they reach the hands of buyers.

  • Biodegradable And Eco-Friendly Materials:

More companies choose eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastics, or materials derived from sustainable sources, as sustainability becomes more and more of a priority. It helps to improve the image of a brand in the market.

  • Corrugated Board:

The strength and durability of corrugated cardboard are well-known. There are three layers to it: one wavy inner layer and two flat exterior ones. It's perfect for shipping and safeguarding bulky or delicate items.

  • Composite Materials:

Some bespoke boxes combine several materials to provide the best qualities of each. For example, cardboard and a polycarbonate window for visibility are combined in one custom-design box. They can have better properties to keep the products safe.


We have explained different kinds of materials and innovative box shapes that can be used to package convenience items inside custom boxes. The selection of any of these materials depends upon the budget of users and the requirements of the products. Similarly, innovative box shapes help to make products prominent in stores and attract more customers.