More sales of a brand mean higher chances of staying in the competition. Eighty percent of the startups fail due to the single factor of low sales volume and brand revenue. However, tailored packaging can offer a perfect solution to the nightmare of low sales. Custom countertop packaging is a popular solution that helps several brands meet this crucial need. 

It has become the favorite of startups, especially those looking to get noticed and increase sales. However, this is not its only purpose; it also securely ships the products. Here are how these custom boxes can help brands meet the crucial need of increasing sales.

Custom Countertop Packaging Offers Multi-Channel Sales

Consumers who use just one channel to make purchases are hard to find. Consumer behavior changes over time. Nowadays, multi-channel experiences are becoming more popular in retail. Businesses can no longer divide their attention between retail and internet sales. 

73% of shoppers use various channels across all age groups while they purchase. Utilizing custom packaging in retail creatively is essential in such a situation. Brands need to expand their presence across the channels and a medium to redirect them to other platforms.

Custom countertop packaging is enabling brands to connect customers with online stores. Smart packaging design with a QR code printed on it makes things easier. Customers can easily scan the code and reach the brand's online store as well. It would also help them know the former purchasers' positive feedback about your products. 

Moreover, you can inform them about your social media presence and connect to keep them updated. You can also custom print such brand details and your logo for recognition. Such smart packaging becomes your silent salesperson and even a strong brand advocate. 

People are Motivated by Innovation

Customers are driven by the packaging a brand uses for its products. Packaging cannot increase the chances of sales if customers do not show any interest in it. People are always drawn toward innovative products that have a unique display. Take cosmetic products, for example. Displaying cosmetic items like lipsticks or fascial kits in custom countertop packaging is a remarkable approach. 

You can further innovate the display by elevating the base from the center. It would make a beautiful arrangement of these items to inspire buyers to purchase. Also, the multi-level countertop boxes are a great deal for grabbing consumers' attention. You can reach up to three tiers to display products in these boxes. 

A three-level display box would also feature more products, which means more sales. Retailers love such packaging solutions that come with ample storage space. Customers also prefer going with an innovative brand that has the potential to do something unique. 

Brands can even go beyond this simple innovation to customize the packaging to ongoing events. Customization is the key to innovating this packaging solution. For example, you can customize the box and add a Santa character over the top of the back wall panel at the arrival of Christmas. A Santa carrying discounted products or free testers would become highly attractive and inspiring for sales. 

Allows Appealing to a Specific Audience

Appealing to the right audience is the key to grabbing higher sales volume. Efforts in the wrong direction always go in vain and do not profit. Making your custom countertop packaging relevant to the target audience would increase customer interactions in retail stores and ultimately boost the probability of a sale. 

Printing the relevant taglines or characters is a great help in this regard. Assume you feel driven to prioritize purchasing eco-friendly products. You want to buy lipstick but don't know which brand to get. As you scan the aisle, you notice a large choice of trail mix brands. Yet, you remind yourself that you want an eco-friendly brand. You come across a countertop labeled "made from post-consumer recycled materials."

It would quickly strike you in this scenario; the same is true with these boxes. You can also customize the color and infographic of the boxes to better relate to the target customers. Blue or yellow colors are ideal for kids' products. Similarly, you can use white or black for perfumes or other premium products that define a class. 

Trigger Sales with Higher Product Visibility

Product visibility is one of the factors that determine how frequently customers interact with the product. Higher visibility means higher chances of customer interaction with the products. Custom countertop packaging holds such traits that it makes the items more prominent than others. The shelves are usually full of similar products. However, you would see a certain box with more products sold from it. 

Usually, Custom packaging with an engaging design sets a product apart from competitors' brand products. The design of the countertop boxes is unusual and offers clear visibility to the customers. The open front boxes allow the products to be seen by taking them out of the display box and carrying them in the hands. 

People are more inclined toward a product that is easily accessible. The convenient design of these boxes has made this easier. Buyers do not need to break the box seal and take the item out for inspection. Usually, retailers do not even allow doing so. However, this is not the case with this packaging. Your clear logo display would also help in branding and make it easier for customers to recall that buying experience. It helps get repeat sales from the same customers. 


You can easily understand why custom countertop packaging is popular as a brand's silent salesperson. It helps boost sales volume without a heavy brand or product promotion budget. Moreover, custom printing on this custom packaging helps get these perks with in-store promotion, making it even more influential in turning visitors into buyers.