Fundamental Factors To Consider When Choosing Magnetic Closure Boxes

People in the twenty-first century seek a smart packaging solution since unboxing tightly tape-packed or complicated boxes is inconvenient. Manufacturers have created a brilliant invention that opens up in one rapid action, namely custom magnetic closure boxes. 

However, there are various factors to consider when choosing magnetic closure boxes for your premium products. The majority of the factors can vary for every brand on the basis of the nature of the product. Let's know about all those factors to consider in detail for this premium packaging solution. 

Product Size, Weight, and Fragility as the Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Magnetic Closure Boxes

Randomly ordering the custom magnetic closure boxes without knowing certain requirements may result in failing the expected results. Knowing about the needs of your products is among the fundamental factors to consider when choosing magnetic closure boxes. 

  • Consider the size of your product and order the custom boxes according to the size of your products. Picking random magnetic closure packaging from the market is not worthy of making an impression. A box that fits your product would also ensure an engaging display of your products. Moreover, it would also help convey a professional brand image to your clients.  
  • Similarly, considering the weight of your product is also necessary. Getting a low-quality box may result in splitting of the box due to the higher product weight. It can result in breakage of the products while buyers are making a check in the retail stores. Therefore, make the base strong and increase the thickness of the packaging material. 
  • This factor is directly connected to the fragility of the product as well. A durable box would ensure the safety of your products as well. A fragile product may spoil with a little pressure over it during the shipping process. Thus, consider using rigid cardboard material for the production of these boxes. 

Considering these factors and getting a custom box according to such details is the perfect way to show your brand professionalism. Meanwhile, it would help make your items more noticeable.

Choose a closure mechanism wisely

There are a variety of closure mechanisms present that a brand can choose from to stay distinctive. Moreover, different products require a particular closure mechanism that can better keep the box closed and secure items inside. Let's know about some of the popular ways and factors to consider when choosing magnetic closure boxes with different closure systems:

  • Magnetic Flap Closure

This is the most popular mechanism for such types of boxes. It includes a magnet in the top flap and one in the base. Both of them make a perfect closure when attached to each other. This method is perfect to use for jewelry boxes to enhance the presentational aspect.

  • Magnetic Slide Closure

These boxes come in the shape of tray and sleeve box designs. The base slides into the sleeve cover that has magnets inside the walls. They get attached to the magnets installed on the cover. These boxes are good for small electronic items 

  • Hidden Magnetic Closure

Magnets are not visible in such type of closure system and offer a complete sleek and transparent design. Magnets are inside the box structure. Such a type of closure system is perfect to use for gift items. 

  • Double Magnetic Closure

Some items require extremely durable solutions that could offer a secure solution. A double magnetic closure system is perfect in this regard to use for heavier items. It uses two magnets inside and outside of the lid and base. 

  • Magnetic Button Closure

It uses a button magnet system for the lid and a disk in the base. Pressing the button to attach to the disk makes it close tightly and securely. This system is best to use for corporate gifts while enjoying a branding advantage. 

A Checklist to Follow While Consider Magnetic Closure Boxes

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing magnetic closure boxes for better customer satisfaction and branding advantages.

  • Consider the inside aesthetics

Magnetic boxes are ideal for secure product display in e-commerce and in-store jewelry, wine, perfume, healthcare, and fashion brands. Luxury things can be displayed in the coolest magnetic boxes. 

You need to consider placing luxury inserts for this purpose. The use of special foam, cardboard, or silk inserts in boxes can boost product appeal.

  • Consider the marketing perspective

Custom magnetic boxes seem to advertise silently when placed in the center of the table. They entice customers with their unique company name and logo, fine edges, and attractively tailored printing. 

If someone buys your watch, how will it promote you? Since the watch is hidden, its modern closing will speak volumes to you. It will boost internet and word-of-mouth advertising. You can further make the marketing effective using a clear window in the lid.

  • Gives products a gift-packaged look

Some retail store products are bought as gifts as well as for personal use. Therefore, they prefer elegantly wrapped things to avoid spending more money on elegance. Magnetic closure boxes can help you in his regard. 

Turn your simple box into an amazing gift box by using an additional ribbon or bow over the top lid. It inspires consumers to buy such things as gifts without hesitation. This effect boosts sales on rare occasions.

  • Leave a Lasting Impression with Unboxing 

In addition to brand awareness, magnetic boxes can attract customers. If you provide customers with a good packaging experience, they'll always use your brand. Imagine your customer unboxing your perfume packaging. 

Imagine how thrilled they would be to get their products out in the trendiest and most elegant box with a magnetic flap. Unboxing it in one go and finding the product in silk-lined slots will wow the consumer.

  • Make products more noticeable

Every brand aspiring to succeed prioritizes product quality. Sometimes, low-quality products gain more attention than high-quality ones. Because of the packaging, they chose what could be better than these boxes. 

There are some pretty effective methods you can try for this purpose. The use of organic packaging materials and tempting colors are a few ways to make products stand out on store shelves. Such packaging attributes would inspire buyers to make a quick buying decision.

  • Provide Brand Information over Box

A friendly greeting, tagline, special discount offer, product details, and customer support information on the magnetic closure box can provide much information in little space and time. Customized magnetic boxes can provide useful information if used properly. 

However, provide factual information. This fascinating box lets you express your narrative in simple terms and convince buyers of your great work. Rigid boxes can help you communicate with customers. Use them to your advantage and set your firm apart.


These were a few factors to consider when choosing magnetic closure boxes. Consider the product needs, get an engaging design with a fascinating closure system, and then rock the show. Brands have to worry less about the budget needed for the promotion of their products with the use of these boxes. Customers usually also reuse such packaging solutions with so much creativity and beauty.