A better unboxing can boost the chances of a business's success. Here are some effective ways to elevate the unboxing of custom packaging to attract consumers.


In recent years, unboxing has been famous on social media. Today, it's a key aspect of online brands' marketing efforts. The term "unboxing experience" goes beyond opening a package. The full experience includes a client's first-time zeal for opening a custom packaging box.

Why is it so vital that a customer opens a product they ordered? It may be a terrific selling point and can potentially develop your business through return clients, feedback, and more if done effectively. Luckily, several ways to apply for custom boxes can help leverage it. Here are some of the most effective strategies to elevate the unboxing experience using custom boxes.

Reflect Brand Identity With Custom Packaging Unboxing.

It can be challenging to create an unboxing that's related to your brand narrative. You will always need supportive custom gift packaging materials. Every aspect of your unboxing should reflect your beliefs and personality. Meanwhile, it should deliver a touchpoint in the client journey that resonates with your brand's objective. Here are a few packaging supplies for your unboxing experience to reflect a better brand identity.

External Packaging

Your outside packaging is the first thing people see when they receive their order. It is the best area to put custom branded features such as your logo and brand colors. This builds buyer curiosity and ensures you have their full attention for the unboxing experience.

Shipping Boxes With Logos 

How great is it to find a catchy shipment box on our doorstep? First impressions are crucial for getting an unboxing experience off to a good start. Custom gift Boxes are ideal for larger items and products requiring extra safety during shipping. 

Branded Labels And Packaging Tape

Branded boxes can be a costly asset, especially for small firms with thin profit margins. A cheap option is to garnish your boxes with stickers or branded packaging tape. It also serves as a terrific focal point for crucial brand features. 

Consider The Inner Aesthetics And Employ Suitable Elements.

You want your buyer to be blown away by what they find inside when they open their box or envelope. Interior packaging and product display boxes are vital in this situation. You want your items to be safe in their box while in transit and seem appealing to improve perceived worth.

Branded Tissue Papers

Tissue paper, whether branded or colored, is a very flexible custom packaging solution for your unboxing venture. You may use it to line the interior of boxes, gift-wrap things, or keep space between products. It is also a large canvas for more intricate slogans or artwork reflecting brand identity.

Packaging Fillers

Using filler usually prevents your products from moving around too much in transit. Yet, it also ensures that your product box display is good when your buyer opens it. Crinkle-cut paper, for example, helps give an item a more pricey look.

Inserts With Logos

Inserts in your package allow you to extend your brand story and offer context to the unboxing venture. Make sure to print the logo on these to enjoy branding. It will also influence buyers.

Personalize The Unboxing Experience For A Lasting Impression.

Everyone values a gift-like arrival. To truly impress your clients, e-commerce firms must personalize the experience. Nobody wants to feel like their unboxing was a mess. Additionally, the subtle personal touches are catchy to assist buyers in forming a genuine connection with your brand. 

Consider your unboxing experience to be an ice cream sundae. The ice cream is elegantly packaged, but the chocolate box sauce and cherry on top add a personal touch. We realize something vital is missing without it. These gestures show the creator's care and attention to detail.

So, what exactly does a tailored unboxing experience entail?

Say Thank You 

A handwritten note is the ideal, heartfelt way to convey gratitude for your customer's support. It's a tiny gesture indicating your firm's extra effort to make clients happy. A custom note also hints at the humans behind the package your clients get. It often boosts the emotional part of the customer relationship.

Add A Gift Sample

Product sampling is a well-known e-commerce practice that firms such as Sephora use to encourage repeat purchases. Yet, successful sampling should always consider what will complement your customer's order. For example, if you are a bakery brand, you could offer a sample of another flavor you believe your client will enjoy.

Make The Unboxing Experience Shareable.

An unboxing experience delights customers and inspires them to share it. Social proof is a vital tool in e-commerce. Nearly 25% of millennials say social media likes and comments make them more likely to buy.

To share your unboxing experience, you need a powerful call to action that engages buyers in your brand story. Also, an insert that rewards or with a discount or inclusion into a giveaway for sharing their experience can promote social sharing.  

Must Consider Factors For Elevating The Unboxing Experience

Creating Cross-Channel Engagement Opportunities

It's very uncommon for clients to never hear from a brand again following a purchase. They are likely to return if you try to keep them informed.

Unboxing is a great way to start a new purchasing cycle by linking your clients with other channels that offer potential for community interaction. To increase content engagement, also print social media hashtags or QR codes on your packaging.

Keep The Cost Per Order In The Control

When arranging your unboxing experience, it's tempting to get carried away. Yet, the expense of branded custom packaging boxes, giveaways, and the labor necessary for subassembly quickly adds up. If this is not controlled properly, you may incur losses on some orders.

This is why tracking cost per order is critical to ensure that these extra order fulfillment costs are manageable for your company. Consider setting a minimum order level for buyers to receive all extras to preserve the unboxing experience.

Scale Your Unboxing Experience Over Time.

With minimal order volumes, unboxing is easy to organize. You can carefully arrange every order and have creative control over choosing and shipping boxes.

Yet, scale unboxing slowly for order fulfillment as order quantities rise. Order processing and fulfillment backlogs can upset customers and damage your brand. For quickly growing firms, unboxing experiences need to fit self-fulfillment.

Many firms are in a tricky spot since watering down the unboxing experience may alienate longtime customers. Thus, partnering with an e-commerce firm and giving up control might take a lot of work.


Engaging in unboxing is now vital to e-commerce and customer interaction. The right unboxing of the custom packaging may boost social media marketing, client retention, and community-building in one lovely bundle. Which is the best starting point? You should first determine your packaging needs and consult an expert provider.