Building a brand identity is now no difficult with the use of creative magnetic closure boxes. These amazing custom designs are making it happen brilliantly.


Never fall for the trap of low-cost generic packaging in order to save some pennies. It seems like you are saving, but the facts are the opposite, as it would damage your brand reputation. Shifting to magnetic closure boxes can help you elevate your brand image while getting them at a cheap rate. 

These luxury boxes come in several custom designs that businesses can choose according to the product needs and brand personality. Let's explore the 5 unique designs of these boxes that are redefining the packaging standards and could help you with a better brand image. 

Sleeve-style Magnetic closure boxes

Among all the unique designs of magnetic closure boxes wholesale the sleeve-style drawer boxes are the most versatile. These boxes usually come with a simple mechanism of a base and tray that closes like a matchbox. However, adding magnets inside the base and sleeve turns them into a more secure and luxurious packaging solution. 

These boxes are ideal choices if you want to make your items Instagram-worthy and bring your business into the modern era of social media. Customers are fascinated by the amazing unboxing phenomena that come with these boxes. In an effort to inspire others, they like making an unboxing video for this open cardboard box and posting it on social media. 

These boxes ideally serve the products that people want to show off and add flair to their personalities. Most commonly, watches, clothing, mobile phones, and other technological devices are packaged in this distinctive way. Additionally, soap companies can sway consumers with the help of these boxes. The simplest way for users to engage with the products is to slide out the inside tray. 

Magnetic closure cardboard mailer boxes

E-commerce companies are always in need of safe packaging that also has the potential to attract customers. Meanwhile, they also need to work on the branding of their online store. Small cardboard boxes with a magnetic closing are a great way to meet all of these needs at once. 

These magnetic closure boxes are simple to make using corrugated or stiff cardboard, depending on preference. Additionally, businesses can alter them to make the packaging walls thicker for better product protection. For a perfect closing, a magnet is placed over the front wall and within the hinged lid of these boxes. 

Products do not come out of their boxes, even in spite of the challenging shipping circumstances. However, with such a luxury, it effectively stimulates customers. To entice consumers, brands could enhance the unboxing experience of their products.

Top flip cover magnetic boxes

Although the previously built magnetic closure boxes wholesale include the flip cover feature, new flexibility in their separate mechanisms is that they will now make half of the box flip in the event of unboxing. The idea is simple: linking two boxes together by cutting them into two identical pieces. 

Place the products upright in the bottom half of the box and cover with the other half. You can further secure their seal once you unbox them by using a string or a ribbon. Use of such boxes for wine businesses especially can present wine bottles in a more secure and fashionable manner. Furthermore, these boxes are ideal for use as present boxes for Christmas and other seasonal and periodic occasions.

Printing the brand details over the lid of these boxes would also result in branding. These boxes are best to make people aware of your brand presence in the market. Luxury addition in this packaging design is inspiring to convince buyers to purchase. 

Magnetic Closure Packaging with windows

People prefer to see various types of products before making a purchase decision. Typically, it requires removing packaging by breaking the seals and getting the product out. However, it is not beneficial for the freshness of the products in any case. Magnetic closure boxes with windows are a practical method for facilitating such products. 

By cutting out a piece of cardboard from the lid, you can make a window in the top that can be taken off and hinged. This window lets buyers see how items look without having to take them out. People who buy something can be sure of all the little things, like the quality, color, size, and other details. 

Also, retailers could keep products fresh longer because there wouldn't be any fingerprints on them from being checked. On the other hand, it helps buyers quickly decide if they want to buy a product. Providing such ease with this design would certainly make buying easier for customers and result in elevating your brand.

Foldable Magnetic Gift Box 

The foldable magnetic present box is a versatile and elegant gift packaging choice that offers a higher level of luxury. The smart and creative design of these boxes has changed the way of sharing gifts over special occasions. Its foldable design allows storing and shipping these boxes in less space from packaging firms to brand warehouses. 

Flat shipping helps brands save both costs and time. Moreover, it makes them a sustainable choice that supports the cause of lowering their carbon footprints as less nonrenewable resources like fuel would be consumed. Additionally, its magnetic closure makes this packaging a source to stand out. The magnetic closure box of these boxes eliminates the need to use any adhesives or tapes to close them. Supporting the customization is another trait of these boxes.

Businesses can express their creativity and professionalism using these custom boxes. It allows for displaying the branding elements like logos and theme colors on the packaging surface and texture. It is an ideal option to package jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, and gourmet foods. The trendy design boosts the perceived value of gifts and leverages the customer buying experience. 


So much versatility in the magnetic closure boxes has truly redefined the packaging. It allows brands to build an image in the market of an entity that flows with the changing trends. Ultimately, it helps in both attracting the new customers and retaining the old loyal ones.