Eight Ways to Make Two-Piece Boxes Sustainable While Maintaining Their Elegance

Packaging that adds value always makes products bestselling and a top choice for buyers. Two-piece boxes are one such solution. When you embed sustainability in these iconic boxes, they improve the environment and promote your business in various ways. 

Consumers now prefer to get everything delivered to their doorstep. There are better choices than shipping goods in huge boxes with layers of plastic wrap and other elements for these home deliveries. This colossal waste upsets many buyers. It's time to make the switch to more eco-friendly boxes. You must rethink your shipping approach for the boxes you use for product delivery. It can provide you with more benefits and boost your brand's prestige. 

You must be creative in making and designing these custom boxes. Here are some winning green strategies for making this thrilling packaging solution more creative and moving to buyers.

Use the Right Size two-piece boxes.

Regarding two-piece boxes wholesale, the box size is crucial in turning simple packaging into a green luxury. According to a 2015 report, about 1.9 million tons of cardboard or Kraft boxes were disposed of in landfills. Cardboard boxes and similar shipping resources comprise 26% of the US waste stream. Firms can reduce their cardboard and filler packaging using correct-size, custom-designed boxes. 

Reducing the size and volume of packaging saves raw materials and takes up less room on the delivery vehicle, lowering the carbon footprint. Using gift boxes of the correct size allows you to fit more goods on a freight carrier, reducing shipping costs while improving process efficiency.

Use Recyclable Production Materials

The most vital method for making green Custom two-piece boxes is to use recyclable material. This must decide the long-term viability of your package, and you should follow this practice throughout the production process.

Custom cardboard boxes, for example, are made of green material. They are also suitable for different packaging designs with a two-piece theme. Blending a delicate balance between fresh wood pulp and recycled material for these boxes would ensure the firm safety of goods. 

It would also reduce the number of trees cut to make green packaging. Your clients would admire such a brilliant path to sustainability. It would also cost you less to get these gift card boxes.

Replace Styrofoam with biodegradable packaging materials.

Extra padding is required for fragile items that are prone to damage. One of the most widely used materials for best protection is Styrofoam, a non-biodegradable material. 

Styrofoam peanuts are the most used non-recyclable packaging fillers. Your band can reduce energy consumption and landfill trash by improving packaging and shipping processes. It is sensible to replace Styrofoam peanuts with recyclable filler material. However, an industrial shredder to generate shredded paper filler may be more expensive.

Mushrooms and bamboo are two alternatives to Styrofoam. Plant-based recyclable retail packaging solutions are also available for safe shipping. Kraft paper suits lightweight shipping, but inflatable air cushions are ideal for heavy objects.

Follow a Minimalist design approach.

There are better decisions than using an absurd amount of material to produce two-piece candle boxes. Excessive raw material use will raise the budget and questions about your brand's image. 

As a result, the best method to deal with it is to use a minimalist approach to design. Recheck the size of your box and make it suitable for the quantity you intend to place in it. This will cut down on the material used, eventually minimizing packaging costs and supplying more display boxes with the least amount of material. 

Encourage the Reusability

Your efforts will be futile if your clients do not join you in making green two-piece boxes. You must educate your customers on the impact of garbage disposal in landfills. Encourage package reusability for numerous tasks at home rather than discarding it after the original use. 

Make some particular creases in the boxes. It would help people change the structure of the boxes to use in the kitchen during the baking process or to store food. Ensure you use a green shipping approach on every delivery and website.

Include various data regarding eco-friendly boxes and stress the benefits of using recyclable packaging. Inspire your clients to join you by writing recycling instructions in large letters on every packaging package.

Remove the use of hazardous glues.

The sustainability trend is rising in food packaging, and brands are phasing out the use of plastic materials in manufacturing. In this case, gluing is essential for joining the various elements of these boxes.

Certain adhesives, on the other handle boxes, are created from sustainable and biodegradable materials. So, avoid using such poisonous items, and you will be able to become a champion of eco-friendly activities promoter. 

Print with aqueous-based inks.

Brands require printing because they utilize packaging as a marketing medium. As a result, marketers devote significant attention to printing to make it profitable and eye-catching. After consuming snacks, it is a regular habit for individuals to dump the packaging onto beaches. 

When inks reach the oceans, they mingle with the water and dissolve in it, harming aquatic life. Adopting environmentally friendly aqueous inks is the best way to cope with this scenario. 

Decorate using paper add-ons.

Add-on embellishment is an old practice that firms use to make their two-piece box packaging more appealing to buyers. Most of the time, they prefer to use decorative pieces made of various materials. It also distinguishes the products and brands in the market. However, making these objects, such as butterflies or flowers, out of colorful paper will help to maintain the environment. 

Value addition always makes items appealing and encourages consumers to purchase them. Paper box add-ons are also eco-friendly, which provides numerous advantages to firms.


These sustainable practices save money, help build a good reputation, and grow your business. The box size is significant when it comes to two-piece boxes. Firms can reduce their cardboard and filler packaging consumption by employing boxes of the correct size and custom design. Finally, it reduces carbon footprints. Implementing these sustainable packaging strategies may boost a brand's sales.