We see many attractive objects displayed inside retail stores. Different brands use different kinds of counter display boxes to present their products before buyers. They also prepare them according to their products and needs. They hold and keep items arranged on the shelves. Let’s discuss important tips to increase the catchiness of a display box.

Increase Brand Awareness with Counter Display Boxes

Your custom display packaging should promote your brand. You should print your company's name, logo, and slogan. You must also describe the standards and values that you have maintained. It is also essential to tell the licensing details and certifications that your company has obtained. It would be best if you also showcased the qualifications and expertise of your team members. It will help you earn people's trust and confidence.

Increasing brand awareness is essential because people should know your company. They have become quality-conscious. They do not purchase items from common brands. They always prefer to buy a product from a recognized and popular brand. This practice can help you increase customers' responses. Increased brand awareness makes your brand popular. The greater popularity of the brand also helps to elevate sales. This is an effective strategy to earn more profits.

Keep the Box Design Unique

When you are going to design cardboard box displays, make sure that their design is not outdated. You cannot make your product display old-fashioned. You always want people to love the way you display your products. Therefore, you must devise new designs to grab people's attention. You should see how other brands have designed their display box solutions. You must also see what modification can help you stand out among others.

It is also important to spend some time devising unique and versatile designs. You must be creative and imaginative to create outstanding display boxes. Besides that, you can hire artists and professional designers to prepare classy designs. You can make them look like your product. You may also offer 3D effects to distinguish yourself from others. Keep the box designs unique to attract more buyers.

Use The Right Height

It would be best if you kept the height of the display boxes right. For example, people have different heights. Some people are taller, whereas others are shorter. You should keep your products at eye level. For instance, you should use the 5-foot displays when your target audience is adult women. When targeting men, you should keep the height of counter display boxes to 5.5 feet. When you display toys or products for kids, you should keep the height at 4.5 feet. Hence, you must understand the value of height. Height should be according to your target audience. They are just general numbers. They can help you attract the right audience. This tactic can also increase people's response.

The Best Quality Materials

When preparing a display case, you must ensure the materials are high-quality. It would be best if you considered that they are strong and sturdy. They must hold different objects securely. They must protect them from all kinds of external hazards. Many materials create harm to the environment. They make immense quantities of waste. They accumulate to form heaps of garbage. This affects the beauty of cities and increases the burden on waste management companies. Therefore, you must make use of eco-friendly materials. They must be biodegradable or recyclable. They must also be reusable. Cardboard, cardstock, and corrugated can help to prepare strong and sturdy display boxes.

Choose Stunning Color Schemes

The selection of color schemes is also important to grasp the attention of more buyers. For instance, dull colors don’t have enough potential to attract people. It would be best to go for stunning, bright color combinations to make a good impression. Try to choose color schemes according to the demography and psychograph of your target customers. Enticing colors will help to make your product's boxes stand out in retail outlets. You can also represent your brand specifically by selecting a color combination. It will become the identity of your brand in the market.

Share Product Details Using Counter Display Boxes

Product details are very important in winning the confidence of buyers. Your product display should contain all the relevant information about the products. For instance, the name of your products and the list of manufacturing ingredients must be included. You can also print relevant graphics or imagery. It is also important to share manufacturing and expiry dates for your products. These details will help to increase the worth of your products. The price details on your display packaging can also help more people buy your products. It would be best if you also went for stylish typefaces to increase the charm of your display packaging. 

Make Them Attractive to Increase Sales

Your display boxes are the first thing customers see after entering the outlet. Brands should make them as attractive as possible. It would be best to use relevant and beautiful graphics and imagery. You should describe your products through sophisticated and elegant typography. It is also important to use various additional features to enhance their beauty. Use the latest printing techniques to make your display boxes alluring and catchy. They will help to grab the attention of a massive number of people. You can also use different embellishments to give them a luxurious touch. For instance, you can use coatings, foiling, embossing, or other tactics to provide them with a catchy appeal. It will make people purchase your products. It will also increase the profitability of a business by boosting product sales.


Many retail stores are available in the market. They have designed beautiful interiors to win buyers' appreciation. They use counter display boxes to increase the attraction of their stores. Different brands also make them attractive by printing with relevant graphics and imagery. They also use them to promote their brand. We have explained various tricks that you can use to design classy display packaging. These tricks can help you catch the attention of more buyers and boost sales.