Beyond the Shelf: How to Design and Strategically Place Counter Display Boxes to Maximize Sales

For any brand, the number of clients and sales are very important because these factors determine the profit. They run advertisement campaigns to attract a massive number of customers. An increased number of clients can lead to increased sales. Counter display boxes play a significant role in elevating the sales of the company. Here, we will see how we can design and strategically place them in stores to maximize sales. 

Tips to design counter display boxes

The following are important tips for designing unique display packaging. 

  • Use imagery according to the product

For instance, when selling eyeliner, you should know how to attract consumers' response. Your box should display what it contains for buyers. For example, if it contains some food products such as burgers or pizzas, you should make sure that it represents pizza. In other cases, you will not be able to display the purpose of your packaging. Custom counter boxes can help you tell people what it does contain. You should print the images of eyes and eye-related graphics on your display box to represent your eyeliner. There will be a difference that will describe the significance of the product. It will also let buyers understand that your product is related to the eyes. As a result, it will help you reach the right consumers.

  • Correct use of add-ons

Many kinds of add-ons can help you attract a massive number of people to your product. You should make your package as attractive as possible because only elegant designs can set you apart from others. You can use gold or silver foiling. It will give a metallic appearance to your display package. A silvery or golden look creates a strong impact on the mind of the client. Embossing or debossing can also create an appealing impression. People rush towards appealing items, and you can make your display packaging appealing to get a better response from buyers. You can also design custom display boxes by laminating them with protective shields to prevent losses due to water or moisture. Matte coating, gloss coating, spot UV, gloss UV, and raised ink are other additional options that you can choose from. 

  • Effective tactics for advertisement

Companies must know the value of an advertisement because it can help a startup or small run business to become a large run brand. The correct way of marketing and promotion can also lead to immense success. It is the key to reaching a business's goals to boost sales and increase customer base. You should also know how to attract people and try all the tactics wisely so that you can achieve your goals. You must mention the name and logo of your company on the packaging solutions. There must also be important text to describe your company's values and high standards. You can showcase your staff's qualifications and your brand's licensing. Hence, these effective advertisement tactics can take your brand to the next level. 

  • Describe the product

When you have to display an item inside an alluring and attractive box, you must ensure that it describes the product. After the proper description, you can reach and convince your target people to buy. In the case of eyeliner, your packaging should describe that it contains what and how it looks. It should also showcase the qualities and standards of the product. You can inform people about its raw ingredients, manufacturing date, and precautions for securing its use. It is also essential to mention the expiry date of your product on each box. Custom countertop boxes can help you communicate with people. You can mention all the essential details on them. You may also give a QR code or barcode that customers should scan to get the details. 

  • Make use of CMYK and PMS color schemes

The printing and graphics of the box are creating the first impression of the company. They must be high-quality to leave a great impression. Many of the latest printing techniques are available to get elegant and high-quality printing. You can make use of screen printing if you possess a large run business. If you have a small run business, you should use digital printing. The offset printing technique is also the best strategy to create a strong impression. Your high-end products require high-quality imagery to describe them. You may use CMYK and PMS color schemes to give an outstanding impression. They help colors to look appealing. 

Tips to Strategically Place Counter Display Boxes in Stores for Better Sales

The following are important tips for placing your countertop boxes strategically in stores:

  • Arrange products for display in a beautiful way

In order to showcase your products in stores, you must use branded display boxes. Your products will look nicer to people if you arrange them strategically inside a display box. To leave a great impression on buyers, you can get display boxes in a variety of seductive styles. This way, the product's attractiveness will also attract more customers due to stylish box shapes. You need to get boxes with inside inserts to hold products in a nice manner. You can also use boxes with transparent windows to display eatables. 

  • Show multiple products at once

Many businesses desire to showcase multiple products within a single box. The display package is advantageous for various kinds of organizations. Most watches, makeup, and other product manufacturers can use this kind of packaging. You can also make creative counter display boxes with cardboard inserts. They may include placeholders and dividers to keep different objects in the appropriate compartments. These businesses are also able to keep their items inside boxes with multiple compartments. They can lead to higher sales by displaying products elegantly among buyers.

  • Help your customers

Customers can make informed decisions by using the information provided by wholesale cardboard countertop boxes. When they enter a store and notice that many of the products are the same, they need to know about each product for enhanced clarity. They cannot buy the products they require without knowing important product details on each box. You should get display packaging with essential product details. It will help customers make proper decisions according to their needs. 


When you have to promote and advertise your product, the best strategy is to use packaging and printing to reach the hearts of people. You may create extra efficient and presentable counter display boxes that can help you elevate sales. We have explained various tips that you can use to design elegant boxes. You can also find important tips to strategically place your products in stores. These tips can help boost your product sales and make the business successful.