Businesses are increasingly adopting the practice of using dedicated counters for goods exhibited at retail stores. The counter display boxes can potentially greatly improve the brand's product visibility. In retail, cardboard counters can help you provide your brand with a specific area. 

As such, you need to personalize it so that it looks unique and endearing to draw clients. Customizing a counter to fit your personal and professional demands is preferable to buying a prefabricated one. The six easy-to-implement ideas listed below will help you brand and draw customers to your cardboard counters at retail stores. 

Use Counter Display Boxes Top for Branding

You can also personalize the printed design layout to promote your brand or products. The back wall panel stands out and has ample space for printing the brand details. Thus, using counters or custom counter display boxes helps more accurate branding. 

Never miss displaying the logo over the back wall panel that stands from the rest of the counter. Also, a special embossing effect should be added to the logo to make it more visible and realistic. Crafting the animated characters associated with brand personality over top of this backing also makes it easier for buyers to remember such a brand. 

Print the basic details like slogans, brand names, and links to online pages or stores. It is the same strategy that firms opt for in the case of wholesale white cardboard boxes for their products. 

Consider Counter Display Packaging size.

The size of a counter is critical for increasing the visibility of products wrapped in appealing cardboard boxes. A retail store contains thousands of products, and many brands use countertops to create a dedicated location for their products. 

The size of counters is an important aspect of making a brand's products stand out from rivals. Increase the length so that the floor and table topboxes counters reach the consumers' height. 

However, it depends on the type of product. If the product is relevant to children, keep the size medium to bring it within their grasp and maximize purchasing. Similarly, make the counters tall enough for adults to see the contents of custom-printed cardboard boxes put inside these counters. 

Set a Theme with Engaging Brand Colours

Colors are always significant in capturing visitors' attention at retail businesses. A brand's color contrast for the counter display boxes placed on it should be prioritized. Thus, colorway consideration is critical for the increased visibility of boxes exhibited on the cardboard counter. 

The custom boxes become less prominent and visible when the counter and product packaging are the same color and style. Choose colors that are opposed and also have a significant distinction. Meanwhile, use your brand's theme colors in the design layout. These colors will help consumers remember your brand and will better reflect it. 

The elegant color palette influences customers' moods. A cosmetic brand may contain all the hues and tints of makeup items it sells. Knowing the properties of various goods will help. 

Bring Novelty with the Cardboard Dividers

Every brand has a unique approach to using cardboard counters. Some place the products wrapped in counter display boxes over these counters. Others want to have products exposed to customers. Typically, firms reveal items through a die-cut glass in the box. 

However, it is no longer required when utilizing display counters. So, appropriate patterning of the objects is needed, which can only be accomplished by employing cardboard dividers. Installing these dividers based on the size and dimensions of the products also makes the presentation of items visually appealing. 

This uniqueness distinguishes a brand's products from competitors. A visually appealing and well-organized exhibit generates large sales from a single buyer. Die-cut display boxes also benefit firms by motivating customers with true product aesthetics. 

Make Additions in Levels for Storage Expansion

A single-tier display counter provides less storage space and a chance for bulk purchases. Thus, customize the counters to expand this storage space so you can display maximum display boxes on their shelves.

Consult with your service providers about all the possibilities regarding increasing the number of levels. You can easily increase the number of tiers to three or four levels. Thus, personalize the design for these tiers so that products remain visible at every level. 

Choosing a star-like phenomenon makes expanding the storage at every level easy. Also, a double or triple-bin design facilitates displaying bulk products in less space. Yet, ensure that people can see all items at every level without inconvenience. 

Extend base width for durability and firm standing

Only durable cardboard counter boxes can lift the extended weight of products. Thus, it is better to customize the cardboard according to the number of products displayed in counter display boxes. I prefer to use a triple-layer fluted cardboard for the base of the box. It will help bear the weight of the heavy products.

Rather, rigid cardboard boxes are a better practice to ensure sturdiness. Moreover, it makes the base of the counter wider than the rest of the structure. This will also provide support to avoid bends in counter walls. 

It is better to perform testing first to check the counter's weight-carrying capacity. All these tactics will ensure the counter's firm standing and enhanced life cycle. The strong look of this display box packaging would show the brand's professional attitude.


I prefer implementing all these tips in your Counter Display Boxes for a wonderful experience and to achieve the desired results. This will help your business grow faster through enhanced visibility of products and the ability to trigger purchases. Such customization will help fulfill the desired requirements perfectly and more easily.